Top 5 Serious Side Effects Of Garlic-Garlic’s Negative Effects

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Top 5 Serious Side Effects Of Garlic. Garlic’s Negative Effects.
5 Surprising Garlic Side Effects You Must Check,

What Are Raw Garlic Side Effects?
Here we list out some of the potential side effects of raw garlic. Find out here in detail.

Number 1. Might Hurt The Liver,
There is no need to ponder over the importance of the liver. Being one of the most vital organs in the human body, it could be hurt by excessive garlic consumption.Though rich in antioxidants, as per an Indian study, garlic can cause liver toxicity if consumed in excess. Similar findings have been recorded in a report published by the University of Penn State – garlic, though virtually non-toxic, can cause liver damage if taken in excess .

Number 2. Diarrhea,
Consuming garlic on an empty stomach can also cause diarrhea. Another report states garlic to be a gas-forming food and hence might trigger diarrhea.

Number 3. Headache,
Garlic, especially when taken in its raw form, could trigger migraines. Though it doesn’t directly cause a migraine headache, it activates the process responsible for it.Though the exact reason for this is unclear, certain experts believe it might involve the trigeminal nerve – the major pain pathway in the body. Intaking garlic might stimulate this nerve to release neuronal signaling molecules called neuropeptides that rush to the membrane covering your brain and cause headaches.

Number 4.Might Cause Side Effects In Pregnant Women,
Consuming garlic in large quantities during pregnancy or lactation can induce labor. Which could be undesirable.

Number 5. Might Lower Blood Pressure Way Too Much,
Is garlic good for high blood pressure? Well, in a way, this is an advantage. But if you are already on medications for high blood pressure, then maybe not. Because garlic has blood-pressure-lowering properties. Even supplemental garlic has shown to lower blood pressure levels – which is why taking garlic supplements could be a bad idea when you are already on blood pressure medications. Taking garlic by mouth can also modestly reduce blood pressure.
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