Top 3 Vegetables For A Weight Loss Keto Diet

Top 3 Vegetables For A Weight Loss Keto Diet

How To Start With Keto:

So many keto experts out there are perpetuating this idea that you should avoid veggies on the keto diet – but I’m here to tell you that that’s completely false!

But before I dive into the top 3 veggies for the keto diet, let me give you guys a quick recap of what’s been going down during my keto takeover week here at

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I uncovered what it truly means to be fat adapted and how to achieve this state without having to remain in ketosis long term.

And, I also showed you my all-time favorite guilt-free keto chocolate cake recipe.

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Stay tuned in tomorrow because I am going to be showing you the absolute best and worst workouts to follow on the keto diet.

See you there!

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