Thorin vs. Patreon Questions – Episode 7 (General)

Thorin vs. Patreon Questions – Episode 7 (General)

Episode seven of my regular AMA responding to questions submitted by patrons of my Patreon. I’m in the process of catching up, so there’ll be a few over the next month and I’ll reach out to past patrons to populate some of the questions.

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31 Responses to "Thorin vs. Patreon Questions – Episode 7 (General)"

  1. SteeM   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    0:46 "You have a couple of times talked about the artist Burial, and called him one of the best of all time. Could you talk a little about why you think that is, and what in his music draws you in?"

    8:02 "On multiple occasions you have said that you believe North and Optic need to shuffle into a single team, what would your version of that team be? Would that team be possible given the politics of among the players?"

    16:03 "Of all the duellists that you have had in your Reflections interviews, who do you think had the best mindset?"

    18:23 "A patreon previously asked you if you consider the 2016 quakecon final to be better than the IEM4 final. Since you do not think so where do you rank the former among quake live finals/matches, and which matches best contend with the latter for your esteem as the best quake live match in history?"

    23:46 "Do you think that getting into the Asia games cost more money than LoL had to spend and was another factor that broke the Worlds budget? Also do you think that this move gave any positives to the esports world, for example getting esports recognised as a sport so athletic visas can be given out?"

    26:21 "What books influenced you the most?"

    32:07 "What advice would you give to someone who is looking to work in esports, counter-strike specifically as a journalist?"

    35:26 "You have often used the NBA, specifically players, teams and coaches as analogous reference points when discussing topics within CS. Do you feel like counter-strike has an implicit similarity to basketball that lends itself to similar story lines and topics, or that comparison to basketball could be a key to branching out the esport to a wider audience?"

    39:16 "Could you contrast/compare of REAL and s1mple?"

    41:04 "Can you give an update on finding an audio format for your videos?"

    42:30 "Your recent video about working in esports really struck a cord with me, I already earn a good living through writing but I'd love to get involved in esports, csgo specifically in my region (I'm Australian). I know there's not a lot of money here, just want to get involved whether it's writing, design or commentary."

    44:31 "What are your ideas for developing leaders in esports, especially with the majority of players being quite young? Do you think it can be taught or is it just an innate quality in ones personality eg NA LCS Bjergsen, Jensen, full of talent but can't lead their teams as men. Where are those in the NA scene with a killer instinct and a drive to succeed while also instilling that mindset in their teammates eg Faker, Mata in Korea?"

    48:19 In a world in which one of the top teams wins the title, what if we did a swap between MIBR & Liquid?

    50:56 "Do you think that the drama before Snappy and Juggi joined Optics csgo team influenced the way things went for them, in that the negative atmosphere that must have existed between Gade and the other two due to their attempt to kick him and the fact that they swapped an unproved IGL with another unproven, one may have done nothing to appease the situation, even not considering Snappy's personal skillset as captain/IGL? If that is the case would it have been better to break even further the team before the two players from Heroic come into the equation?"

  2. Evan Beauchemin   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    when you mentioned how sometimes music gives you that nostalgic feeling for something you’ve never experienced it made me think of the song The Weirdest Year of Your Life by C418 as that song gives me a very similar feel

  3. Downforce Recordings   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    How do you feel about the recent censorship scandal around patreon?

  4. James Vu   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    Thorin has excellent taste in electronic music – Burial, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada. Let's go!

  5. IReallyWantThisName   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    I love how cadian didn't get a mention

  6. aaron ortiz   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    I loved the basketball comparison. I never really considered all the similarities.

  7. ZondaboY64   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    To tame a land good song

  8. officialmcdeath   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    Burial kept me grounded at a time in my life when everything was going to shit //

  9. Elijah Mikaelson   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    When everyone forgets Rubino 😢

  10. Don Cheetoh   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    I never noticed Henry in the background during the Sado intro

  11. jo ricardo Husdal   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    But what if I want to be the moon? 😕

  12. Brian Barnhart   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    Glad to see this part of your content back, also felt like a big brain for a bit for calling most of the MiBr/Liquid swap. cheers.

  13. Cody Whitaker   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    +1 on putting the question on the screen. Typically when I'm watching videos in the background, I enjoy letting them play in another tab and just listening. If I happen to get distracted, I can pop over and instantly refresh what is being discussed.

  14. Analytical Gaming   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    Talent wise, the solution for either North or OpTic is:

    – Drop 2 worst non-IGL.
    – Pick up blameF and NaToSaphiX.
    – Keep or replace IGL (not sure about this).

    There may be bigger problems strategically but these two are two of the best up-and-coming Danes that can help the rebuild process, should they choose to stay Danish.

  15. kolpi   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    Brought to you by: The Skrilluminati

  16. Just Hurricane   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    No one I've heard has been able to do what Burial does nearly as well as he does, it all just comes off as a cheap ripoff. Untrue is one of my all time favourites.

  17. Collin Kurzner   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    "You could make one of them into a superteam and the other into an MSL team" LMAO

  18. BERNiEcsgo   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    HenryG failed this try not to cringe challenge from sadokist hard.

  19. Nemesis VFX   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    You are just jealous that anthony has the best teeth in the game

  20. Ryan Tamburrino   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    thorin said “Anthony fantano” :O

  21. Anthony dos Santos   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    Thank you for thinking of people who listen on mobile

  22. Advaith Rajagopal   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    duncan "generally" shields

  23. annex xerxes   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    thorin <3 techno

  24. Nathan   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    Paying to get roasted, seems reasonable – male feminist Anders "B". Lume

  25. Lassi Havukainen   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    My mans beard is white!

  26. Dombow   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    When you see a thorin video and you're in class but u got get your fix.

  27. Riseyy   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    Are you able to say when that Reflections with Fallen part 2 will be coming out?

  28. Tievs   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    Fucking henry in the background at the start had me creasing

  29. Scott Bentson   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    “I think it’s like ten dollars” lol thorium is making way too much money he doesn’t even care how much you donate

  30. Frender   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    Is this the July one?

  31. ElectriX   11 February، 2019 at 06:56

    first <3


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