Suros Regime is Surprisingly Good (Final review of 2018) | Destiny 2 Black Armory #Regime

This is our Final review of 2018, and no better weapon to end the year on that Suros herself. Suros Regime is an exotic auto rifle that at one time, was the most dominant weapon in the game. Today we’ll be reviewing it in our current sandbox, it’s time to kill values, and deciding whether Suros Regime is right for you.

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  1. Aztecross Gaming says

    Thank you all for 2018!!

  2. KSI V0ID says


  3. Sean Bernal says

    I'm in your game lmao, in toobe321 nice to meet ya lmfao

  4. Grandpa Gordo says

    This was my first exotic in d1. Man this gun was so fuckin beautiful wish I could go back

  5. danman1012 says

    Show us your bank and inventory, I bet you have so many armor sets I have to kill your ears

  6. Ion Flux says

    The catalyst said
    +50 to recoil direction which is needed. Its recoil direction is the reason it feels inaccurate without auto rifle targeting. It should get a range buff but as well but not max. maybe +15

  7. Jesse Adamson says

    These guys can’t put the shotgun away to save their life.

  8. Cruz Valenzuela says

    Catalyst should have spinning up proc faster with ambitious assassin and dual speed receiver should have zen moment and increased range. I’d like that

  9. Squeex Mk ii says

    It needs to be chance for health on hits not kills. Because it’s just HIR as an exotic perk otherwise. Pointless really

  10. one day says

    Loquitor iv my best weapon

  11. TOTAL BOSS SASE says

    The back armory auto rifle(not the quest one, the suros one) hits like a fucking truck. I’m surprised that no one has noticed it.

  12. Knowlesy says

    Cowboy gaming

  13. Tri Tebs says

    Mine first exotic love in Destiny 1 was Bad Juju on my gunslinger rocking chains of woe. Damn laser beam

  14. Space Dorito says

    Man the Shotgun aping is real right now . I would be so happy to see a nerf

  15. Conor Hastings says

    A hot swap button for the two modes would be so awesome for this gun so that you could switch between them on the fly without having to go in to the menu. Not sure if its possible in the game, but it would be a neat addition.

  16. TheRealJuice says

    I think the dualspeed/spinning up things just a placebo effect. You came back to the weapon after awhile and found it to be good for no particular reason. Personally I would only use spinning up in crucible before forsaken and dual speed in pve.

  17. enshrowd says

    yo i quit playing D2 for a while, listening to ur voice again made me get back into it

    i love u and ur sexy ass voice brotha
    keep up the amazing work

  18. N7Lockdown says

    Explains why I was getting rekt by it earlier.

  19. Kirk Webster says

    Time to infuse Suros and bring it “up to speed”… lol love the vidoes, Cross! I watch them in the gym while doing cardio – that’s how helpful/entertaining they are.

  20. Alex Bateman says

    When are we going to get that sick Rat King review? I've been playing pretty hard with it, and it performs fairly consistent, biggest issue I've found is the damage falloff and recoil while ADS a bit high.

  21. Ethan Price says

    Love you man but good lord the G is not that hard in Regime. You’re saying it like you would say the name Eugene. It’s a soft G like genre or protoge. Triggered the hell out of me. Still love you but this is hard to look past

  22. junk duelist42 says

    i think it got a secret buff

  23. Sam Bailey says

    Close but no cigar. Red Death was my vault of Glass crutch. Got it off the keeper and probably my number 1 most used weapon of year 1

  24. Gaydolf Shitler69 says

    Hell yeah suros regime vog fuckin a

  25. Kyle Grantz says

    I ran this gun for iron banner and I crushed. I usually run middle of the pack to bottom of the pack in my teams, but with Suros Regime I’ve been coming out top two consistently.

  26. Carlos Delgado says

    Is it weird that i still love using graviton lance?

  27. Truviex says

    I will always be in love with Bad JuJu

  28. S. D. says

    I knew I wasn't the only one using this gun. It's kinda NASTY.

  29. leon pellington says

    Review Ringing Nail.

    The Range is ridiculous

  30. Virgil Cooper says

    Side Arms new meta! Smugglers word.. OL/Tap the Trigger

  31. Zach Childs says

    i dont care im not hating, but you already reviewed this gun i know because i remember that CATALYST being mentioned that still isnt here 😭

  32. BIG PLATANO says

    Who’s watching in 2019

  33. Tame Stevenson says

    Thanks dude always got the good videos straight to the point no bullshit no dumb 10 min intro happy new year from Australia

  34. Sean L says

    I think it would be cool to swap between spinning up and focus fire by reloading like hardlight

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