Stay Rihanna – Cover ,My Journey to Now ***READ DESCRIPTION***

Song: Stay
Artist: Rihanna
Cover Sung By: Val Vidal
Background Music:
Hi, I’m Val and this is a part of my story.
What is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome:
2016-2018 I had problems with my shoulder and through many painful tests, and non-painful tests My physical therapist and the many doctors I saw believed it to be Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. There is no direct way to diagnose TOS which is the reason I had to see so many doctors and do so much testing those 3 years. During those three years I tried Physical Therapy and a Nerve Block to see if it would help. I started to lose myself and become very depressed and felt like it would never get better. I had to stop Martial Arts and Swimming, and it took a toll on my harp playing and school. Luckily my Choir Director was so understanding and helped to make sure I never fell behind with how much I missed school. As a last resort we found a surgeon who was willing to operate on me. He consulted with many different doctors to make sure of everything he was going to do and was very cautious about doing the surgery. TOS surgery is a risky surgery not only because it’s a “major surgery” but because it has a success rate of 70/30, and those who do have a successful surgery don’t always get 100% better. The surgery outcome mostly depends on the person and whether it was the right decision. Thank you to everyone who has uplifted and supported me and helped me push through the challenges.

I plan to sing and post this song again and see how I can improve, thank you for watching!


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