Slim Sculpt Medical Bed | BETTER Than CoolSculpting | BETTER Than Liposuction

Slim Sculpt Medical Bed | BETTER Than CoolSculpting | BETTER Than Liposuction

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Kansas City Laser-Like Lipo is the exclusive weight loss practice in the ENTIRE Central United States that has the NEW Slim Sculpt Medical Bed. The Slim Sculpt Medical Bed is better than CoolSculpting and better than liposuction because it DOES NOT destroy a persons fat tissue (adipocytes). CoolSculpting freezes a patient’s fat cells where they get destroyed and the body absorbs them and gets rid of them, and with liposuction the fat is being sucked out of the body. Most people think that permanently getting rid of the fat tissue is the best option to do but, if there is a rebound of weight gain the new fat will be stored in remaining fat tissue throughout the body. This is why so many people who have underwent these procedures end up with “lumps and bumps” all over their body. The fat is literally put where there are remaining fat cells which may be in the legs, the arms, the upper back, backs of the arms, etc.

The Slim Sculpt Medical Bed utilizes red and infrared LED technology (7,590 diodes) at 650nm to 850nm to cause lipolysis which is the opening and draining of the fat cells. The fat cells are not harmed, only caused to open to release the triglycerides into the lymphatic system where the fat is processed naturally and eliminated from the body. The results are PERMANENT as long as the patient continues to live a healthy lifestyle. Even if weight is regained due to poor health choices, the fat is uniformly distributed throughout the body since no fat tissue has been destroyed.

There is NO risk with the Slim Sculpt Medical Bed treatments! No drugs, no surgery, non-invasive, pain free, no downtime, treatments only take 10-15 minutes and the results are permanent (as mentioned before), just continue to live a healthy lifestyle. However, if a person is sensitive to sunlight or if they are on a medication that causes photosensitivity issues, we want to proceed with caution. We can typically test a small area of the body to see if any sensitivity to the light is present. Treatments are not recommended to those who suffer with epilepsy (due to the bright light) and those under the age of 18 (growth plates have not fully closed yet when under the age of 18). Growth plates exposed to bright light can fuse prematurely.

The average patient sees 1-3″ just off of their mid-section during a treatment, with a combined 4-14″ plus inches off of their entire body.

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  1. bigrich42   3 April، 2019 at 08:39

    Very cool I am wanting to get Laura in to give it a try amd I am planning on doing a few more session at end of the month. With way goal was 15 to 20 . I'm right there at 15 now may do 10 more lbs should be close to what I want by time I'm done

  2. bigrich42   3 April، 2019 at 08:39

    Hey doc looks interesting . will you be getting one of these beds .
    Btw I'm doing good 199 as of today


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