Silent Mental Health Short Film

Silent Mental Health Short Film

BG Hospital is dedicated to the care of the patients with mental disorders. It has tried the best to incorporate the inevitable services. Be it; outpatient and inpatient services, isolation room for provocative and aggressive patients, safe restraining procedure, high care unit for detoxification and withdrawal management etc. The care of patients’ parties is given utmost importance. A separate waiting room has been designed to prevent them from exhaustion of patient care. Visitor card will be provided to maximum of two visitors per patient.
Services for inpatients with expert yoga teacher, various other recreational facilities like television, carom board, ludo, chess, bagh chaal, painting, stitching, carpentry etc are available in the premises of BG hospital.
Keeping in mind the quick encroaching process of disintegration of family structure due to rapid modernization, BG hospital has started to provide a noble service to elderly population.
BG hospital provides both; a day care centre and in–house stay to elderly in a homely setting with routine needful health services.
Multi-disciplinary teams of mental health professionals work together to provide a comprehensive range of services to young people, adults and older people with mental illness.
At BGH the most important people are our patients, their families, loved ones and carers. We want their time with us to be as positive and comfortable as possible. Our vision is to ensure that every patient receives the right treatment at the right time in a safe environment.
When collecting, using and disclosing any information about our patients we comply with all relevant privacy and confidentiality morals. Only authorized personnel, involved in patient care, have access to their information.

Special Services at BG Hospital
• Day care and in house stay for elderly
• General Health Clinic with Health check-up packages
• Epilepsy Clinic with routine and 24 hours video EEG monitoring facilities
• Child guidance clinic
• Memory Clinic in affiliation with Alzheimer’s and Related Dementia Society Nepal (ARDS-Nepal)
• Detoxification Clinic & High Care Units (HCUs) for serious patients
• Isolation rooms for acute patient
• Modified ECT, Abreaction, Hypnotherapy & Various Psychological testing
• Radiology Services with X-ray and USG
• Neurology Clinic
• Apart from mental health services; BG hospital also focuses on providing other specialty services:
• General Medicine, Gynecological, Pediatrics, Orthopedic, ENT, Dermatology and other on call consultation services.
• 24/7 Emergency/Pharmacy Service
• Laboratory services
• ECG, Nebulization, Oxygen etc


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