Plunger Massage ?! Advanced Cupping for Fascia

Therapist Dr. Greg Donadio demonstrates his unusual fascia techniques


  1. Ryan Soueity says

    You are the best broo

  2. Frog1 Dog2 says

    I swear he's trolling them all.

  3. music guy says

    Please bring Dr. Craigory Johnson to get adjusted and also do some light sparring in the cage

  4. Jackeline Ferreira says

    Ô doutor gato da pesty

  5. Dr. Beau Hightower says

    Caption this. No toilet humor 🤣

  6. RJ Ahlberg says

    “How to fix a shitty friend”

  7. victor chippewa says

    taking the plunge.

  8. Mary Burney says

    I hope thats not the same plunger you used to unclog your toilet on 🌮 taco night

  9. Captain Canuck says

    When you spend hundreds of dollars to go get your back fixed and he pulls out a plunger lmao

  10. Matr Store says

    Correct your posture and realign your spine with this posture corrector belt.

  11. John S says


  12. Alpha Strength says

    That looks strange

  13. tjb50cal says


  14. محمد says

    منسم 😅

  15. Haris Hassan says


  16. Ateev Sharma says

    Is this how the mafia works?

  17. A Gamer Channel says

    4:00 And I go To School At 7 Yayyyy

  18. Desmond Jolly says

    Dude it’s 4am 😫

  19. JJ Villanueva says

    Your so cool respect keep posting

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