PIMPING in Medical School | What YOU Should Do!

Medical school pimping is a tradition that should probably get thrown out completely but is unfortunately something we still have to deal with. As medical students you will definitely be “pimped” at some point so I’m here to help you get through it! Pimp questions shouldn’t be taken as intention to embarrass you and by reframing your mindset you can avoid getting stressed!

Also, hope you enjoy the humor here at the beginning! Those old grumpy attendings can be tough!!

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  1. Courtney Williams says

    I'm from Memphis and the word "pimping" has a totally different meaning. Lol…

  2. Jose Rosa Garcia says

    Nice, down to earth doctor. Thank you for the advice.

  3. Goonersurex Rex says

    Seeing the title, I thought there were hoe medical students and nurses getting pimped. I was like where is that hospital?

  4. C Shep says

    What age were you when you started medical school?

  5. IIShadowxd1-2 says

    Can a person with LD (Learning disability) or other disability attend Medical School to become a doctor and if so what kind of things would help improve them?

  6. White Coat Chronicles says

    Haha that intro was awesome. Love the creativity!

  7. Adnan A says

    I heard the pimping is pretty bad on surgery. Hope I survive. Nice skit lol!

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