NIKO gets a FAKE TOOTH!! Morning Dentist visit then New Freeze Game with Frozen Princess Adley!

NIKO gets a FAKE TOOTH!! Morning Dentist visit then New Freeze Game with Frozen Princess Adley!

Baby Bear had a tooth grow in wrong so we need to fix it at the dentist!! and everything goes great!


Best Vampire Tooth Day Ever 1021

We’re starting today with a total change to our normal routine. It’s super early in the morning because we need to take Niko to the dentist. Unlike Adley and her vampire teeth, Niko has a tooth that grew in not quite developed enough. So we are going to the dentist to get it fixed and because Niko needs to be fasting for the appointment, we scheduled it super early in the morning. (Real talk, huge shout out to my mom for coming over at 5:30am to watch Adley while Jenny and I are gone!! Thanks Momma!!)

While Jenny fills out all the paperwork, Niko finds the ultimate play room at the dentist office. They have blocks and trains, and Niko’s favorite little cars! It may be super early, but that doesn’t stop us from having some family fun! Niko’s visit goes perfect! And he is being so cute and really silly as he is waking up. Smiling at his popsicle, laughing at his reflection and just being amazing!!

Back home, Adley can’t wait to see him and Niko missed her too. He gives her the biggest, cutest hug ever!! We try to see how well he can walk and it’s hilarious. He basically needs to learn to walk again cause he is all over the place. He struggles to even crawl. He’ll be good once the medicine wears off! We put Niko down for a nap and to get some quality time in with Adley, Jenny, and me, we do a little Halloween craft project where we make cute little spiders! Everyone does great and we decide to go scare Momduras with them (not really, just pretend cause these spiders are too cute to be scary).

I need to head to the spacestation to get some work done, but Adley start playing this new game where she is Elsa from Disney’s Frozen and she keeps freezing and un-freezing me. It’s hilarious and at this rate, i’m never going to make it to work. I finally make it out to my Ryker, but she freezes me there too. That little stinker!!

When I get to the spacestation, I have a quick update for you, something really cool that we’ve made and we get an update from Jenny and the kids on how baby niko bear is doing!

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