Nerves, arteries and veins of the female perineum (preview) – Human Anatomy | Kenhub

In the full version of this tutorial, we’re going to be looking at the inferior view of the female pelvis and describe the neurovasculature in the perineum. Watch the full video here:

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Want to test your knowledge on the neurovasculature of the female perineum? Take this quiz:

Read more on the anatomy of the perineal region on this complete article

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  1. Lolo Grochowski says

    finally men may know where is the clitoris.

  2. Damir9728 says

    I thought perenium was an area between vulva and anus.

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    1:40 ^.^

  4. danielkjm says

    +18 Only XD

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    no more pornhub for today then

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