MY CARDIO REGIME EXPLAINED *not what you’d expect* | Project 7% Body Fat Ep. 04 #Regime

In this video I explain my cardio regime. The types of cardio, how long I do it, how many days a week and why.

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  1. StraightGains says

    Hey bro! Great video man. I also have pectus excavatum and your a real motivation for me there fore man 🙂
    It shows that the biggest problem with it is the bash on the self confidence and that if you can get yourself over that it's a big load of off the shoulders. Ofcourse it's not pleasant but it's very much dependant on how you look and deal with it. I've just started lifting since last November and have already made tremendous gains in physique as well as in confidence. I've also made a video about how I deal with pectus now. Thanks a lot for the confidence! A happy and gaining 2019 to everyone

  2. ghoomp says

    Hello Ryley, my bruh. my best wishes for 2019 (project 7% wish ) :-). I have one question, the other day I did my legs workout and I performed 4 sets of squats and I had Heart palpitations, I don't know why and never had this before. Do you think heart palpitations causes by overtraining or diet??? My goal was losing 9% of body fat.

  3. Adam Bernecki says

    Also swimming’s fun 😁

    And I like that you keep cardio fun

  4. joeyy17 says

    Hi Riley do you even lift? #straya #shielaswithdicks

  5. Juan Manzo says

    Eye candy is always good!!😁😊

  6. Rodrigo Lores says

    Thx so much for the awesome content riley!

  7. Georgeztonia says

    I always enjoy watching your videos, because you’re so motivated and cool person. Keep up the good work!🙂

  8. ItsZach says

    Bloody legend

  9. Rich G says

    Do you have a good 4day split with cardio you can recommend…lots of abs and legs mixed in 🙂 ??

  10. Wong Hakchun says

    Hey Riley, how many days do you workout in a week and what split do you use? Great video btw!💪🏻

  11. Francesco says

    Man that was a such a great moment for you on the stair master! Just soaking up all those perfect feelings. Good on ya man I can’t wait to see your results! Would be dope to have a beer with ya if you get to Melbourne

  12. Matty G says

    New intro is sick 😀

  13. Rupesh Arabekar says

    Keep Going 👍

  14. Wodan Hendryckx says

    Very helpful video! Thank you!

  15. 89ROCK STAR says

    I asked my chest in to so make more videos how you got rid of it

  16. Active Arsal says

    Thank you for the inspiration man, and reminding us that you have to be confident in how you look. Really appreciate it.

  17. Shaun Peahu says

    Inspired in Hawaii! Keep up the great work. Mahalo 🤙🏽

  18. Jevin Stoops says

    That eye candy thoooo 👀🤣

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