Mugabe, I’m Too Black For White Medication, MUGABE HAS DECLINED Government’s offer

HARARE–Zimbabwe’s Former President Robert Mugabe has declined Government’s offer to be flown out of the country for further treatment.

According to his personal assistant Martin Munyambize, Mugabe refused to board a state vehicle that had came to pick him from his Harare residence to the airport for further treatment overseas.

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  1. Opposite Oppositer says

    Going over seas for medication has caused the down fall of many of leaders in near and far history. Too many to call any names.

  2. Walter Accor says

    Yes 💥 power … it should be noted that this scientist are business minded they treat a problem and cause 1000 more problems they know you will come back to give them money 💰 you can’t imagine they Engineered HIV in their labs along side Ebola and we blacks are always their targets enough is enough …. there is no black on the face of the earth that hasn’t been shat on they close their bothers to us while we open ours together with resource ….for how long will we continue to be dumb …. for those who believe in religion note 📝 that the devil was the most beautiful off all … DO NOT FALL FOR LOOKS

  3. Moon Dingz says

    You should really do your research. He’s been going to Singapore for treatment for years. His daughter flew all the way to Singapore just to give birth.

  4. Andile Meshack says

    Our great African hero alive today is very wise and we as African we should get this health wisdom from him because what he's saying is the truth of all truths. Our late African medicine elder and hero, Dr Sebi did mention that our African biological setup is different from that of the white Europeans and so therefore we should take hid and be very careful when it comes their chemical toxic medicines and their foods. Thanks.

  5. Deadliest One says

    So Africa doesn't have qualify doctors? Is that's why they must travel to European countries for treatments? Putin said Africa is a cemetery and its true! Africans go to European countries to spend their money while their countries are poor. Its a pity how enslaved the african minds are.

  6. Donald Blackmon says

    A turning point in history and the futureThank you

  7. Mandisco Talanta says

    This is one of the realest speech Ive ever heard. Too black for that white medicine

  8. Stephen Johnson says

    The 1% of the worlds population who have all the power over goverments media banking and religious beliefs and political partys and the people
    They are the ones who are the puppet master and are pulling the strings in governments and local governments banking system and political partys and media and even the arm forces all around the world.
    They even gave us our government systems in modern times to make the common and poor and uneducated people think they do have a say in who is running the country by letting us vote.
    But they known it will not make any difference to thier egender for the new world order ,because they have thier puppets in both the main and opposition party in governments.

    And when they want to remove a head of state or regime that known longer fit thier egender for thier new world order, they back a rebellion and over through that government or assassinate the head of state
    Or start rumors in thier media that the goverment is corrupted and unfit to govern and back the opposition to win the next election.

    And who are the people who die in all thier wars and get used to start up civil unrest, and do all thier dirty work its the common people and the uneducated people and poor ,they use us like pawns on a chess board to build up thier wealth and power.
    And even to cull us in different parts of the world to keep the population down with thier wars and civil un rest.
    They even start up political partys to preach haterd and blaming over races or cultures or religious beliefs or people with different skin colour for all thier problems in thier country or in the peoples lives
    so they will become thier sheeps and the preachers or leaders are thier shepards who brainwashed the sheeps in to beliving that its that race or that religious beliefs or that person of different skin colour who is the enemy and whats right and wrong.
    And if the sheep starts thinking for them selfs and trys to move away from the the rest of the sheeps the shepherd sends his sheep dogs to bit the sheep on the leg to put them back with the rest of the way sheeps the shepherd has brainwashed them to think.
    And the1% best shepherd they had in modern times was Hitler he made heaps of wealth for them and murdered and killed millions and millions of innocent people from every part of the world reduce the population and change the world powers for them .

  9. sizwe nduduzo says

    The son of our soil, long live Mr Mugabe

  10. casmuden says

    European hospitals don’t cure diseases but create diseases. Big European business is pharmaceutical business. Wake up

  11. King B Tshuma says


  12. Boost Mobile says

    Islam and Christianity destroy our family

  13. ernest malumo says

    Great son of Africa. The narrator is struggling.

  14. Ms Teco says

    Pills don't grow out the ground. The pink man made it. And everything the pink man touch he destroys.. so keep your medication. It was not made for humans.

  15. Josh Sch says

    I agree with you guys…….rely on yourselves…..please don't leave Africa …….we don't like you……I always believe honesty is the best policy………………………..

  16. Boy Gentle says

    Real talk. I believe and agree with your decision Mogabe. You are setting a good example and I hope that other presidents would follow suit. Buhari take note; and improve our health care system in Nigeria

  17. obarelida says

    why do they always want to go overseas for treatment, if they had built good hospitals and not steal all the money, then every African can get good medical treatment! all these African leaders. sold us to the west by stealing looting and plundering our continent

  18. Dany Dany says

    You.. Hero and king of Africa we Africa have .. No friends… United Africa

  19. Gaudencia Munemo says

    He destroyed the health system in Zimbabwe. We had the best health care system in Zimbabwe but it is all gone under his leadership.

  20. Brighton Jumbe says

    U couldn't have expected Mugabe to be 100% correct on everything would U?U don't know the value of what u have until it's gone.look at our country where it's going now those who hated him they only see the good things he has done now.he was a great leader now we r sinking without him,his visionary leadership we miss u Mr President

  21. Sally Spencer says

    Bwahahaha. …that's why he flys to Singapore for all his medical aid while his country is bankrupt. …

  22. qjtvaddict says

    The African nations need to overhaul their medical system completely I say learn from Europeans and take what you learn back to Africa and train other Africans to be able to stand on their own. You don’t have to completely reject others but learn from them and better yourself.

  23. tchanyowedza says

    I m not sure RG said this. Just say your point with out 'false' claims


    Wow. This is so beautiful to hear. We are truly waking up. We must change and depend totally on ourselves. Thanks you. I LOVE AFRICA AND AFRICANS.

  25. Angela Banks says

    As a black american That's what im talking about roar like the lions protect the mother land at all cost

  26. Padmore asiedu bonsu says

    Well said former President, what we must remember is that our hospitals are mortuaries, not hospitals. Our leaders have stolen everything we have so when they fall sick, they run abroad for treatment. How much has Mogabe and his fellow African leaders stolen? If they stop stealing our money and channel the resources to education, we can train more doctors, nurses, and other staff members.
    Mogabe is scared to go abroad for treatment because he feels guilty. Our leaders are the reason why our hospitals are graveyards

  27. Rai Jo says

    He's right but he forgot to mention, THEY WOULD CLONE HIM AND SEND BACK HIS REPLACEMENT.

  28. Kofi Rey says

    The Top Doctor's in America and the west are African. The top scientist & science professor's are African and the list is long…

  29. nuella mari says

    All his life he has been going abroad for treatment. He is a liar. His days are numbererd and now he knows money cant buy health.

  30. Kamal Dunputh says

    They killed Arafat and they will Mr Mugabe too. He is the soul of African liberation movement. Africa must protect him .

  31. Benjamin Caquesse says


  32. J says

    I say put him in a wheel barrel an roll his old decrepit body to the heart of Matabeleland

    And let the decedent's of the Ndebele civilians treat him an remind him of


  33. Bitcoin Master says

    Even if he dies, he died with dignity on his own land.

  34. alidafalah atahir says

    Mugabe 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

  35. kush Heights says

    Are African president Korean president all of them is pop it and string all of them no other can't president control them all they are controlled by white people fucking bludclart idiot

  36. Maina Mwareri says

    " with due respect ", why can't this " tin king" of Africa not proceed to the cemetery without any undue hesitation? He added no value to Zimbabwe in his long reign. I would say good riddance to stenchy garbage that is Robert Mugabe.

  37. Natta Baako says

    One united Africa.

  38. s k says

    I miss you my president

  39. nun says

    Rest mudhara.. You ran your race and there's nothing left in the tank.

  40. juliet mba says

    It is money they want you to go so that they name will be up. Black people should stop coming here for treatment if they want to live. and let me remind you they don't take the medicine as such when they are sick. If you come to Europe fro little illness the will raise alarm from that time out days are counted. From there anywhere you go the will pick phone. The Most High has heard my pray what i stared since 2010 sooner or later the do away with funeral parties. Let at India Nigeria go for treatment and come back in coffin.. If someone was well in Africa when he comes to Europe he will be sick every time stress alone will cause illness

  41. zim been says

    Mugabe is a peace of shirt,now is too old for medication that is why is taking shit.

  42. Tarre Akoma says

    Actually white peoples in the West are abandoning their pharmaceutical medicines because they do not provide cures and cause problems
    They are using herbal medicines indigenous to non white cultures

  43. Yabba Yahway says

    don't go,Mugabe,they want to get rid of you,once and for all.

  44. A B says

    Those hospitals you have mentioned including Muhimbili ar Kenyatta Hospital are under Western donor programs. For South Africa, Mandela and many politicians were treated at private expensive hospitals owned by White people. Many politicians are equiped by Medical Aid/Insurqnce. What happen to the rest of poor Africans? They have to queu for hours/days in order to receive proper health care. Yes! S Africa,Botswana,Namibia are trying but the rest… Mmh! Still a long way…

  45. The One Man Army says

    The battleground against the capitalist, supremacist or whatever you may call them is global.
    Our enemies used warfare of all sorts, the most potent one being psychological to defeat us and keep us diwntrodden, so when they tell you that your hero is M Gandhi and bring his statue into your Uni say no, like the bold Ghanaian students that kicked that Ghandhi statue out of their uni.
    We need to celebrate our own heroes only those African men and women of dignity can restore the pride of our yputh in Afrca.
    Yes steve Biko is my hero, yes to Thomas Sankara, yes to Mugabe.

    If you are an African leader and you find yoursel being taken by supremacist as their darling, then you need to ask yourself what is it that you are doing wrong when it comes to the welfare of your people and country.
    (Mwalimu Nyerere )

  46. Moreblessing Mandiyamba says

    What type of people are in Singapore where he goes for medication.isnt that overseas he used to go there all the time when he was in power why didnt he go to our local hospitals that are in a bad state.they are actually flooding

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