Meet Surgical Oncologist Sajid Khan, MD, FACS #Generalsurgery

Meet Surgical Oncologist Sajid Khan, MD, FACS #Generalsurgery

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Sajid A. Khan, MD, is a surgical oncologist who treats both malignant (cancer) and premalignant tumors. He specializes in complex general surgical oncology and general surgery, and is dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients through his clinical practice and research endeavors. He specializes in the surgical management of tumors that affect the pancreas, liver, bile duct, gallbladder, stomach, colon and rectum. He also provides surgery for patients with skin cancer and soft tissue sarcomas.

As an assistant professor of surgery (oncology), Dr. Khan is also devoted to performing research that will help improve care for cancer patients. “I am very passionate about my work studying the tumor biology of cancer metastasis,” he says. He is currently working on research to identify which patients with a limited number of metastases (oligometastasis) will benefit most from curative therapies, including surgery.


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