Lung Surgery – Ask the Doctor Series

Lung Surgery – Ask the Doctor Series

Laurence Spier, MD answers your questions about Thoracic Lung Surgery as part of the Ask the Doctor Series presented by NYU Winthrop Hospital. For more information about Thoracic Lung Surgery, call 1-866-WINTHROP or visit

If I have lung cancer; will I definitely need surgery? 0:08

What are the different type of surgeries for lung cancer patients? 0:38

Does someone with lung cancer need to have their entire lung removed? 2:38

How does robotic surgery work and what are the benefits? 4:35

Typically who would be a candidate for robotic lung surgery? 7:32

What is recovery like after robotic lung surgery? 9:04

What are the potential risks and side effects from lung cancer surgery? 10:06

Why should I choose NYU Winthrop to have my robotic lung surgery? 12:23


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