Life After an Aortic Tear: John Tanzi

Life After an Aortic Tear: John Tanzi John Tanzi survived one of the most serious heart conditions a person can have – a catastrophic aortic tear.

The aorta is the main artery carrying oxygenated blood from the heart through the chest and abdomen. When it tears, the situation is a medical emergency. Dr. Henry Tannous, Chief of the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Co-Director of the Stony Brook University Heart Institute, and Dr. Shang Loh, Vascular Surgery Program Director and Associate Director of the Aortic Center, teamed up for the emergency repair of John’s ascending aorta — the part of the aorta that immediately exits the heart and carries blood to the brain and arms — while keeping blood flow to the rest of his body.

Stony Brook’s Aortic Center, led by Apostolos Tassiopoulos, MD, Thomas Bilfinger, MD, and Shang Loh, MD, is Suffolk County’s only facility that offers diagnosis and treatment for all aortic diseases.

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  1. Tyler Montana   13 October، 2019 at 18:43

    Life after American healthcare = lifetime of debt.


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