Knee Pain? Try This – Halo Suction Therapy – Testimonial – Scott S.

Knee Pain? Try This – Halo Suction Therapy – Testimonial – Scott S.

Have Knee pain? try this.
No drugs, injections or surgery. No side effects.
This device reduces pressure, increases blood flow and in many cases reduces pain.
The Halo Suction Therapy is a way to stretch the structures of the knee, like manual therapy, but is easily performed. The device uses suction to hold the knee cap, and the handle allow outward traction. The treatment only takes seconds to perform, but may last days depending on condition. Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), torn meniscus, chondromalacia, older surgical scar tissue, post surgical for repair and/or replacements, and many others conditions may see relief with this therapy.

Case Study:
Scott S. – age 32 – multiple ACL injuries – takes ibuprofen for back pain and can not take more for knee pain. He has been just living with the pain.

Scott has been using Halo Suction Therapy on both knees. Works instantly for him, and is more effective on his post surgical knee. Scott has relief for several days, can exercise and continue to improve his health.

The device is low cost compare to in-office treatments, drugs, supplements, injections or surgery and easy use. No special training or techniques are necessary, and you can control what feels right for you. Results vary depending on condition, but easy to try to see if it is right for you.

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