Is it eczema or shingles, 7 things to know

Is it eczema or shingles, 7 things to know

In this video , we have shown how eczema and shingles relates and how you can differentiate both, watch the video for details. Like, share and subscribe.
Although, eczema and shingles physically appear to be same, but they are completely different.
in this video, we are going to concentrate on the difference and how you can identify each, therefore stick to this video till the end.
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Let’s get into the video.
Eczema have some similarity with singles, especially how they appear on the skin, but the difference far out-weight the similarity , in this video , we are going to look into 7 things that differentiate eczema and shingles.
Shingles are contagious.
shingles is unlike eczema, shingles is caused by a virus, the chicken pox virus and this virus can be transmitted from one person to another, unlike eczema, that is non-contagious, meaning it has no causative virus and bacteria and therefore cannot be transmitted from one person to another.
If you low immune system, or did not had eczema in your childhood stay away from shingle patients.

Shingles occur in Old age unlike eczema
eczema is common among babies, infants and children, it disappears as kids grow, and less common in adult. Unlike shingles , that is very common in adult, it mostly start at 50 years of age and very common in people at their 80s with chicken pox medical history. That is eczema is very common in the younger ones whereas shingles is very common in the older ones.
Eczema is often very itchy and not often painful, the eczema rashes itches, most of the times, frequent scratching may lead to bleeding , occasional pain may result but not very common, but for singles the rash pain is the common symptoms, therefore shingles is very painful while eczema is very itchy.
Eczema is very common in people with allergen hypersensitivity, people with hay fever and asthma are much like to develop eczema, whereas shingles occur in people with chicken pox medical history , adult who had chicken pox in their early years.
Shingles is a viral infection unlike eczema
Eczema is not transmitted by viruses or bacteria, fungi or any microbes, whereas shingles is transmitted by the chicken pox virus, the varicella zoster virus. Having a physical contact with a shingle patient can transmit this virus to you, but you will develop chicken pox and not shingles.
Eczema and shingles around the eye.
shingles around the eye can cause vision loss and eye damage unlike eczema, yes eczema around the eye, will never blind your eye, it will not affect your eyes, but shingles around your eyes eye, can damages your eyes and lead to total blindness.

there are vaccines for shingles and no vaccines for eczema.,
the vaccines for shingles and chicken pox is available and are the best prevention measures you can take to prevent the infection, unlike shingles, eczema has no vaccine.
Eczema and shingles are completely different skin infection, shingles is contagious and can lead to chicken ox, is a viral infection , very painful on the skin and can lead to total loss of sight if it occur around the eye.
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