'India is a fascist regime' – Pakistan heats up rhetoric against India in Kashmir dispute #Regime

'India is a fascist regime' – Pakistan heats up rhetoric against India in Kashmir dispute #Regime

Pakistan is condemning India’s move to the end the near autonomous status of Indian-administered Kashmir, and it has responded by suspending trade ties with India and saying it will expel the country’s ambassador. But despite calling India a ‘fascist regime’ and its actions ‘Hitler nazism’ Pakistani officials say they are not planning to take military action against India. Meanwhile, India has imposed a security lockdown in its part of Kashmir, which is now in its fifth day. Hundreds of local politicians have reportedly been placed under arrest.
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22 Responses to "'India is a fascist regime' – Pakistan heats up rhetoric against India in Kashmir dispute #Regime"

  1. aatmiya mohanty   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    Fawad ko calculation Nahi ata sala science and technology Ka minister. Bhai god knows what will be future

  2. Satrangi TV   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    No doubt india is a terrorist state

  3. KASHIF ALI   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    India is a terrorist county

  4. KASHIF ALI   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    Go India Go

  5. Aman lingwal   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    Don't mess with us we will surrender like 1971 lol we are ready for war

  6. Vaas Montenegro   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    Pakistani Advertisement be like:



  7. SOHAIL ALI SHAH   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    Indian Modi is a racist Terrorist.
    Previously banned by USA.
    Modi has pushed India towards destruction by creating Violence in Kashmir. Stop Violence. Free Kashmir as per UN resolution.

  8. fahad ali   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    Now kashmiris must thanks pakistan that it has freed 1/3rd of kashmir from indian oppression… the gujrat butcher modi will pay the price of the current bloodshed

  9. KKkk K   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    DW. Please try to do sufficient study before reporting. The history is that pakistan attacked in 1947 and then the kashmir king joined indian union.
    If this guy is threatening… my advise to you is this… do what you can… India will defend herself…

  10. What Ever   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    article 35 A is point in which kashmir combines with indian federation if 35 A is remove then kashmir and india relation will ends simple is that.

  11. What Ever   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    indian prime minister is a butcher of gujrat killing nearly 2000 moslims in state of gujrat so he becomes prime minister of india twice.

  12. peter123   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    Present day Sindhi will never be pardoned by their ancestors for destryoing the cradle of Indy civilisation. Only Free Sindh have hope !!if not now when??

  13. Vatsalya Tripathi   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    98% people are with our government in India
    Pakistan sucks always

  14. peter123   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    If Pakistan declare Pakistan a SECULAR nation , there will be equality and justice in Pakistan. Pakistan have one goal is to team up with ISIS and ISI for the expansion of Radical Islam by teaching radical schools , 50,000 madrassas , Even NOW Pakistan Army is harboring 50thousands terrorists. Kashmir is India and India is Kashmir. It is the pride of India of last 10000 years!

  15. Udit Singh   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    Osama was in pakistan, taliban chief was killed pakistan,,their are 40,000 active militants as accepted by thr PM in pakistan……

  16. 03040513251 jutt   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    India want to make Kashmir like phalistine. Kashmiri belongs to Pakistan. Pakistan zindabad.

  17. Yaldrum SSG   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    Mark my words Indian done biggest blunder this time — and India will have to face now consequences sooner right after lifting curfew by Indian occupied forces

  18. Shashwat Kansal   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    A military-based regime calling the world's largest democracy a 'fascist regime'. Hmm….

  19. Vijay Vijay   18 November، 2019 at 23:06


  20. amir sukhera   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    If pakistan govt do not anything for Kashmir. Mujahideen will be in India everywhere and that day is not far.
    Hum Kia chahty Aazadi

  21. R K   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    They have best terror factory in the world. Mr. Bin Laden himself ventured with Pakistan to produce no. 1 terrorists on the pretext of giving 72 virgin girls.

  22. Hari Krishna   18 November، 2019 at 23:06

    Pakistan is a country which was formed on the basis of a Religion whose constitution is Religious is teaching to India and calls Fascist. It is like Greece, Romania, and Georgia teaching to Germany how to improve the GDP of Germany or Türkey teaching to Germany about secularism and equal rights. Why don't the Science and Technology Minister of Pakistan ashamed of himself and concentrate on improving educational standards of Pakistan or get inspired by Indian Space Research instead of giving false and baseless allegations and wasting time. As somebody said, Pakistan's yelling is like my neighbor is angry on me as I changed my WiFi (WLAN) password. Kashmir was officially/legally merged into India in 1947 when Pakistan started occupying illegally. Pakistan requested United Nations, USA, France, Russia, and China. what happened. Everybody said get lost – Everyone has the right to change WiFi Password.


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