How to Balance Your Hormones for Women | 6 Natural Remedies for Hormone Imbalance

If you are a female suffering from hormone imbalances and seeking treatments and remedies to end your hormone irregularities and symptoms THIS is the video for you. Dr. Melissa discusses 6 steps and ways to naturally balance female hormones. Cure your hormone imbalances today!

6 Steps To Naturally Balance and Remedy Hormone Imbalances for Females.

  1. TEST your hormones.
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4 endocrine glands to test:
Reproductive Hormones
Adrenal Glands
Thyroid Glands
Vitamin D3

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Comprehensive Female Hormone Test:

Adrenal Stress Test:

Thyroid Testing:

Vitamin D Test Vitamin D

  1. Liver Detox
    Dandelion Tea
    Detox your body/skin/cleaning and home

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  1. Eat MORE fats!
    Omega Fish oils
    Hemp Oils
  2. Consume more Nuts & Seeds
    Try out Seed Cycling – watch my video to learn more:

  3. Stress Management with Adaptogens
    My fav stress relieving, hormone balancing adaptogens are:

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  1. Vitamin D3
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My fav Vitamin D3:

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  1. M.M. says

    I currently take 1000mg EPO daily, down from taking 2000mg initially which quickly stopped the hot flashes I was getting. My hormone test showed that I was only mildly out of range (low) in Estradiol and very low in Progesterone. Would CBD oil be a worthwhile addition? Or would using progesterone topically be most effective in getting my levels up where they need to be?

  2. Grace Yeung says

    Doc.. im avid fun of yours and im so happy and thankful for sharing us your videos on natural health science..
    Doc. im 43 years old…didn't concieve a child…at present i have myoma on my uterus, cyst on my left ovary and also breast cyst on both breast…ive already done biopsy on previous years and thanks to GOD resulted is a benign cyst.. . just wanna ask you if what is the best time taking the seeds cycling? im taking seeds 30 minutes before breakfast but i feel like i have hyper acidity..i have regular period and my cycle is only 26 days…..and is it normal that my bleeding will last longer for 6-7 days for now? my previous bleeding lasted only for 4-5 days… and is it normal felting uterine discomfort before reaching my ovulation period?….honestly i felt less painful abdominal crumps on the first day of my menstruation compared before that i need to take pain reliever to relieve my pain on the first day of my period.
    Im taking seeds cycling for 2 consecutive months up to now

  3. sunsetlovngrl says

    There is some great info in this video. I had never heard of Chaga. I've been using liquid Turmeric for inflammation. But will look into Chaga as well.

  4. befreekb says

    Can one take too much D? How long can we take 50000 for.

  5. GTR chick says

    Hello… I been following you and I’m very impressed with your videos and information, I have a huge problem with lipomas, would you be able to help me with this? Maybe have a video consultation with you?

  6. Aisha Serrot says

    The thing that baffles me is that channels on Youtube that are stupid and non-educational (ie shop with me at Dollar Tree 😒😣) have hundreds of thousands subscribers, but an actual channel like yours that teaches us to be mindful of our bodies and teaches us alot of great things has soo much less subscribers. I just don't get this world. You should have a bigger following due to the great content you put out Dr. Melissa! Just saying….

  7. Miss p says

    which is the best brand for dandelion tea ? thanks

  8. Sograteful 2012 says

    Just got a call from doctor and she prescribed synthroid 25 mg. The nurse who called didn't know much she just said that all bloodwork looks fine but TSH was 20. I'm not sure what that means. I asked her and she didn't know. Went to search online and got lost. I have bad anxiety especially before cycle, it's bad. But I'm not worried about much but my body has a strange reaction and I know I'm not myself. Oh, she told me I am subclinical hypothyroidism and I'm like what does that mean lol and of course no counsel was given. I know my hormones are whacked but I just need guidance. I don't want to treat symptoms and disregard the actual reason my body is at dis-ease, you know what's the root cause is what I want to know smh. I'm only 35 and telling me to take a hormone replacement without diagnosing problem I feel like I'll ruin my thyroid and will be forever, ever ever ever dependent on the replacement. I'm going to really consider these tests and suggestions bc it's WAY more than what the Endocrinologist and doctor will ever give. Bless your heart 💕💜

  9. Vida Perlow says

    I’m probably due for hormone testing with the stress I’ve been under the last couple of months! I’ve definitely tried to rest and take adaptagens but it’s good to know where I am and what I need!!!!

  10. Amanda Roberts says

    My ND says I can't test most of my hormones since I'm not menstruating yet (have been pregnant/breastfeeding for 4 years now and no period since 2015!)— is that accurate for this kit as well? Most hormone testing I've looked into require it to be done on a specific cycle day to be able to give any relevant information about hormone levels.

  11. C C says

    can u have too much vitamin d and consequences?

  12. K Mills says

    What about eating seeds and nuts when dealing with autoimmune or leaky gut? What is substitute?

  13. Justina Grady says

    Thank you for this. Most especially the adrenal fatigue info. I've strughled with this for a long time.

  14. BonnieR says

    We just got back lab results for my husband and son (13) D3 levels. They were 19/23 respectively. They were both put on 4000IU. Do men require less then women? I am just shocked that you put yourself on 50,000IU at 40 but my guys have such a low dose in comparison to results. Any insight would be great. Thanks.

  15. westberry1 says

    I have a question. I have hashimoto my thyroid antibody are high. My T4 and T3 are normal . I am normally 134lb now I am 170lb . Both of my lymph node in my under my jaw are swallow the left bigger than the right. I am very anxious, I get mad very easy, tired, depress. Doctor said she can’t do anything for me do you have any suggestions? You are so right about everything. My doctor is having me do the saliva test for cortisol levels. My vitamin D level is 24 , so I guess that goes with my autoimmune problem.. I saw your chart for the Vit D . I would like to get the liquid one so I should get the 50, 000 units?

  16. queen kkd says

    Hi Dr hoping you are fine. Happy new year thanks for sharing this great information.
    Love from kenya

  17. Debora Schultz says

    Very nice video! I'm looking forward for the series! I just started taking vitamin d3 and feeling amazing! Thanks to you!

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