Herbal medicine selling in Modi style. मोदी स्टाइल में जड़ी बूटियां बेचना #Herbalmedicine

Herbal medicine selling in Modi style. मोदी स्टाइल में जड़ी बूटियां बेचना #Herbalmedicine

देखिए इसमें किसी मोदी भक्तों को बुरा मानने की बात नहीं है केवल शुद्ध मनोरंजन के लिए यह वीडियो बहुत अच्छी बनाई है बड़े लोगों की नकल तो छोटे लोग करते ही हैं इसमें बुरा मानने की बात नहीं है देखिए और मनोरंजन कीजिए राधे राधे
🍁This video channel is created for my friends and family of WhatsApp and YouTube . here I keep those videos which inspires me and motivates me and which I like.
Also here I want to introduce myself for the benefit of the people who wants to contact me without hesitation :

My name is Ashok Gupta
Delhi India.

My small introduction is that I am 64 age. I have spent 11yrs in USA, 5 in Dubai and 5 yrs in Germany doing import of Handicrafts Garments Jewellery and Gold & Diamond jewellery.
My second business is to help companies in bringing out public issue of their company.
I am giving consultancy in these Fields. For institutions, collage, associations, it is Free social service. All are invited without any obligation on either side.
On spiritual side shri gitaji ramcharit manas bhagwatam are subjects of my study and interest. And I give free inspiring talks to groups. My Dikchit name is Shrikrishna das Kinkar.

I live in India. I have associate offices in USA and China and Dubai.
My India Contact Address is :
Ashok Gupta
153 Vivek Vihar Delhi India.
Phone & watsapp : +91 9810890743

Krishna imports and portfolio consultant.
Google : Ashok gupta kinkar
Sri Gita society of USA

USA China dubai

Some of my links :-

Link to my facebook :
Link to my LinkedIn :
Link to My blog reg imports- https://worldisahome.blogspot.in/search?q=Import&m=1
Link to my interview aired on Tatasky :
Link to my u tube:



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