Grandmother Juanita Perley: Medicine Woman & Turtle Clan Mother (*PART 1 of 2)

This is PART ONE OF TWO… in a collection of photos, words & video clips for Grandmother/ Elder Juanita Perley’s life, work.. and a bit about the Tobique First Nation & Peoples.

There is also a PART TWO video.., with some VERY important teachings for the Seventh Generation.. and the Peoples of the world in general.., from Grandmother Juanita.

Grandmother/ Elder Juanita Perley is a Turtle Clan Mother of the Maliseet Nation, and Algonquin-speaking Peoples of South-Eastern Canada. She lived in Tobique,one of seven Malsieet Reserves.

At one time, twenty-seven Algonquin Nations were joined together in a vast Confederacy, which encompassed: Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Labrador, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New Jersey and part of New York.

Tobique First Natio, is one of six Wolastoqiyik or Maliseet Nation Reserves in New Brunswick, Canada.They are located on the north side, of the Tobique River.

The Tobique Reserve, established in 1801, with nearly 20,000 acres,
was granted after a petition to the government band members.

I claim no ownership of any of the clips, video and words expressed in this video…and employ my borrowing of them with much respect and thanks.

No personal monetization is being done with this video, by me…, nor am I receiving any other benefits from any of this video.. It is meant for all.., to heal, teach, discuss, inspire and inform…and share.

I thank.., ..with respect: Grandmother/Elder Juanita Perley…
(..and all of her relations)..; The Maliseet & Algonquin Peoples..; Maliseet Grand Chief Harry LaPorte..; All The Respected Elders In This Video..; “People Of The Seventh Fire” – Dagmar Thorpe..;
All Tobique & Maliseet Drummers, Singers & Dancers.. (and Isabella)..; Turtle Lodge Elders & Singers..; The Wawatie & Commanda Families..; Circle Of All Nations Foundation..;; Charles LeBlanc..; Standing Wolf..; Jason Shaw..;
Vuetunes .; Locobeans01..; Claudia Julien..; Andrew Vasquez..; Black Hawk Singers..; Tammy M-13..; Chris Bond..; The Native American Flute Album..; Muskrat Singers… ..and to all the other brothers and sisters who have saved & shared some great video clips and photos .. in this video.

Many Blessings & Thanks / Chi Miigwetch!….

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