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The Features And Additions Fans Would Welcome To The Game


Believe it or not, MLB The Show 20 will be released in less than two months.

The release of that game kicks off the sports video game release calendar, and also marks the next edition of what has been the most consistent sports gaming franchise around.

MLB The Show 20 will almost certainly be the last PS4 exclusive version from the series. With the series moving to other platforms, and with the holiday release of the PS5, things are going to change soon.

As we wait with bated breath for the first feature reveal, here are the 15 features or additions fans should be hoping to see when the game is completely unveiled.


I’m still pounding this drum. Maybe this will be the year this long-awaited feature finally makes it into the game.

With almost every other game in the genre offering this option in sports that the playing field/arena are far less important, it’s time Sony delivers CAB.

Online Franchise

This feature was taken away a few years back because it wasn’t dependable. I commend Sony for making that decision, but with most other sports gaming franchises offering this option, it would seemingly behoove SSDS to follow suit. However, if the team still isn’t confident it can deliver the product without tons of issues, I’d prefer it stay on the shelf.

As great as MyLeague Online should be for NBA 2K, the constant issues are more frustrating than the mode is satisfying.

Team Relocation and Rebranding

Barring something from MLB that prevents SSDS from delivering this level of customization, I don’t understand why we can’t relocate and rebrand teams in franchise mode. Virtual baseball fans are among the most hard-working of all offline communities with roster creation.

I know most would love to have this option in their hands.


This entire section of this list pertains to customization.

Many fans of the series are old enough to remember when the Houston Astros were in the National League. Having the option to put the Cubs and Sox, or Angels and Dodgers, or Mets and Yankees in the same division could be fun.


Continuing on the customization kick, adding teams to the MLB has obvious fun possibilities. Both Madden and NBA 2K have this functionality in their franchise mode concepts.

Why can’t The Show offer the same thing to its fans?


This feature would be a lot less cool if it was restricted to exhibition games, but any inclusion of the concept would be a plus. Building a team from scratch with logos, uniforms and ballpark would be a blast in MLB The Show.

Logo Uploads for Offline Franchise and/or Diamond Dynasty

This one can be tricky because people will abuse this feature with hateful or obscene images. That probably makes this an easy no for the decision makers.

However, having the ability to further customize teams would be excellent.

Diamond Dynasty HR Derby

D&D needs a mini-game that is the equivalent of Superstar KO in Madden Ultimate Team or Triple Threat in NBA 2K. The HR Derby with some over-the-top elements would be a perfect addition to D&D.

More Classic Stadiums

The classic stadiums in the game already are fantastic. I often use them during my franchise mode to switch things up a bit. Adding more would clearly deliver another layer of fun.

Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Pete Rose

These three guys have obvious baggage, but there isn’t a lot of D&D players who wouldn’t love to have a Bonds, Clemens or Rose card in the game. Needless to say, franchise mode fans would like to have access to them as well.

All-Star Uniforms

I’m not sure why this hasn’t been resolved, but the MLB All-Star Game in The Show just isn’t as cool as it should be because the real uniforms aren’t included. Hopefully, this is something that will be fixed in this year’s game.

Carry-Over Rosters

The carry-over save option has been an excellent addition since it was added back in MLB The Show 14. However, it’s unfortunate we cannot carry over the rosters that fans spend hours creating for the game.

That needs to change.

Infield and Outfield Collisions

I don’t have many gameplay gripes. The gameplay experience is the best in all sports games in The Show. However, I’d love to see collisions in the field with the chance of injury to the players.

Doubleheaders and Rainouts

I don’t understand why there are rain delays in the game, but never rainouts or doubleheaders. It makes no sense. If SSDS doesn’t take the next step, they might as well remove the delays.

It’s pretty insignificant without the potential for a rescheduled game.

Rehab Assignments

Lastly, it would be great if you had an option to send your players who were recovering from injury on a rehab assignment in the minors. This a part of major and minor league baseball, and it would add a level of realism.

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