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Steven Peterson’s Spinning Backfist KO (VIDEO) Is Worth $50K Bonus


Steven Peterson was an underdog at UFC Fight Night 159 in Mexico City, and through a little more than a round, he wasn’t looking strong. None of that matter after he won a quick game of “who’s spinning backfist will find the mark.” 

Peterson scored a highlight-reel KO win over Martin Bravo in the second round. Here is a look at the devastating KO:

The win gave Peterson his 18th win against nine losses. It also snapped a two-fight losing streak for the American. Peterson was up against a tough foe and a Mexican crowd who was rooting hard for Bravo.

Through the first seven minutes or so, Bravo’s movement and accurate strikes were winning him the fight. Bravo was beating Peterson to the punch, but at the beginning of the second round, the latter seemed to slow down a bit. 

Peterson never stopped his zombie-like march forward, and that put him in a position to land the shot that ended things emphatically. The nature of the loss was rough for Bravo on face value. When you consider this is the second time he’s been the victim of a violent one-strike KO in his last three fights, it only exacerbates the issue.

Back in August 2017, Humberto Bandenay destroyed Bravo with this well-timed and destructive kick.

The loss is Bravo’s third straight, and because of how damaging two of them have been, he might want to make some serious changes.

The KO win makes Peterson an obvious choice for a Performance of the Night bonus. In five UFC fights, Peterson is now 2-3, but he will have earned a performance bonus in two of those bouts. Peterson lost a thrilling unanimous decision to Brandon Davis in his UFC debut back in February 2018. 

Peterson had a tough weight cut heading into Saturday’s match, but after the early moments of the fight, he didn’t look compromised. Peterson has been very active since he made his UFC debut. Saturday’s fight was the fifth in just 19 months. After this latest performance, you can expect to see him again soon–perhaps even before the end of the year.  

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