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My Weekly Forex Forecast 28th January – 1st February 2019 #forex #trading

This is weekly forex forecast for following forex trading week from 28th January to 1st February 2019…
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Trading the forex market is a business, not a hobby. Preparation is first step to forex trading success.

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My FREE “My Weekly Forex Forecast” videos like this are released every weekend. Their purpose is to help you with your own forex trading.

Personally I am focusing on raw price action (technical analysis) and high-timeframes to find high-probability forex trading setups.

Without doing your forex market analysis and technical analysis you can not achieve consistent forex trading success.

If you are trading blindly and you spend time in front of the charts just when you feel like it, you are playing with yourself. You need to have disciplined approach and set your schedule – when you will prepare yourself, when you will check the charts etc…

My forex trading routine is very simple – I take half an hour on weekend to prepare my weekly forex outlook for the following week – if its anything worth looking, and then I check those pairs during the week to wait for a possible trading opportunity on my 4hourly charts during the London or US session. Then I enter,exit or do nothing based on my own forex trading strategy, process and rules.

You need to understand consistent forex trading does not come to you. You simply apply it to your own forex trading. Never forget this. That is why we do also our forex trading preparation and “Weekly Forex Forecast” videos like this.

Once you master your own forex trading, forex trading becomes simple and »boring« daily habit – you always do the same thing day after day. I, and my students in forex mentoring program, do not even spend more than 20-30 minutes per day to trade forex successfully.

Once you master your forex trading process you need to follow it religiously on each and every trade you take. You must understand we do not make the money as a people – what makes us money long-term is our forex trading process and our commitment to it.

Another thing you must understand is – you do not need to trade forex every day or week either. In my “Weekly Forex Forecast” videos I do price action and technical analysis to understand the forex market directions and behaviour, but sometimes forex trading is in periods when you should stay away from trading. Is not only about knowing when to trade the market, but also knowing when to stay away from forex trading, to protect your trading account and mindset (trading psychology!)

If you believe that you should be trading every day you have been fooled by the industry. Markets are open most of the time, but that does not mean you should be participated in action every day. Remember, trading is not a gambling, and market is not slot machine.

If you have profitable forex trading strategy, but you don’t have the discipline and patience to follow and execute it when it occurs, well then it is your mistake.

Do not try to find something and chase the moves. Good forex trades will always come.

That does not take me or my students no more than 20 minutes per day. And that’s the beauty of forex swing trading and price action, you do not need to spend all day in front of your forex charts, but you can do other hobbies and activites you like and that also helps us to become more focused and relaxed.

You can’t control what the forex market will do next, but you can control how you will react if price do this or that. You can’t control how many profitable opportunities market will give you, but you can control and decide which trading opportunities as per your trading plan rules you will trade and let the probability of your trading edge do the rest. You do not find consistency. You apply it. To stay consistent – BE CONSISTENT.

Keep your trading simple. Keep your forex trading analysis simple. Keep your forex trading strategy and daily trading routine simple. Keep your thoughts simple and have free and relaxed mind. Keep things simple as much as possible, and you will be much successful forex trader.

My Weekly Forex Forecast videos are for passionate and dedicated forex traders – forex beginners and experienced forex traders. Enjoy your day and wish you all the best!

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  1. awesome job! thanks you for doing it.

  2. It would be helpful if you labelled the pair and time frame.

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