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John Jastremski’s risky bet at post-Mike Francesa WFAN


There is a fine line between crazy and courageous — and WFAN’s overnight host John Jastremski seems intent on straddling it.

Jastremski, 31, has not been offered a midday role by FAN management, and it may be just as well. Jastremski might turn down such an opportunity.

According to sources, Jastremski made it clear to management he didn’t want to be a “second fiddle” to anyone on a show he would be on. He also made it known that he had no interest in a three-person team when that possibility, which would have vaulted him from overnights to afternoon drive, was in play.

When reached, Jastremski declined comment.

The Post has already reported that Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts will replace Mike Francesa in afternoon drive after the new year, though contracts are still being finalized.

Meanwhile, Marc Malusis is the favorite to team with Maggie Gray on middays. The two worked the first three days together this week and previously did a show on CBS Sports Radio. Gray is definitely in with a year remaining on her contract.

Before Bart Scott decided to flee FAN for ESPN beginning next year, one of FAN’s plans was to team Gray and Scott with a new third member in afternoons, replacing the fired Chris Carlin in the show that was CMB

Jastremski teamed with Scott and Gray for one week. He left that experience, according to sources, not wanting any part of a three-person team. Management was made aware.

The trio did sound a bit awkward, and Jastremski did try to dominate the program. It was not personal toward Scott or Gray, sources said, just a way Jastremeski wants to do a show. Jastremski’s sound is sort of like a Chris “Mad Dog” Russo Lite.

If FAN does go with Moose and Gray, then Jastremski will stay on overnights and continue his nightly SNY spots. He could be the heir apparent to team with Roberts when Benigno retires one day, but, as Francesa’s two-part retirement act has proven, things change quickly in radio.

Jastremski is big into gambling and, it seems, he is betting on himself. Malusis remains the favorite to join Gray, but if FAN switched to Jastremski, his beliefs will be tested.

No DP Show to ESPN Radio: There have been reports of the Dan Patrick Radio Show possibly heading to ESPN. Sources have told The Post that’s not happening.

Patrick did have a few meetings with ESPN executives and there may be a chance for the two sides to work something out one day down the road in another capacity. However, Patrick and his Dannettes are not moving their radio show from DirecTV/Bleacher Report to ESPN.

Patrick did come back earlier this year to team with Keith Olbermann on a throwback “SportsCenter” as part of ESPN’s 40th anniversary. So maybe at some point they could develop a TV idea, as Front Office Sports has mentioned. However, the thought that Patrick could move his radio show is over. It is not a fit, especially with ESPN deciding to go national with “First Take, Your Take with Jason Fitz” from 1-3 p.m. in place of Stephen A Smith’s program.

A list: FAN has kept it pretty basic in its search to replace Francesa, only looking at WFAN/CBS Radio candidates, unlike last time when it considered Max Kellerman, Adam Schein, Chris Simms and Kim Jones, among others, before landing on Carlin, Gray and Scott.

If we were to form a list of people to consider to replace Francesa, we would have the following folks on it: Mike Breen, Ian Eagle, CC Sabathia, Frank Isola, Ryan Ruocco, Michael Smith, Michelle Beadle, Dave Rothenberg, Gordon Damer, Sal Licata and Robin Lundberg. This would not be our complete list, but some folks that we think could potentially lead on radio or be part of an ensemble.

Obviously, folks like Breen, Eagle and Sabathia likely wouldn’t consider it, but it would be worth a conversation.

And, I know Russo is under contract and he is very happy at SiriusXM and MLBN, but shouldn’t FAN at least have investigated trying to bring Russo back?

It is always better to think big, even when it might be impossible. At the least, you could lay some groundwork for the future.

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