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Exploring a Singapore 7-Eleven (food tour)

Watch the mukbang here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaOZ3AYqqAg

Welcome to the fanciest 7-Eleven, located inside The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

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I hope you enjoyed this video!
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  1. The guy at 0:13 is the guy dude at 3:10. Haha

  2. 7-11 egg mayo sandwich's from Japan are the best ever!!

  3. Anyone else notice has Chonny always has Delaney breasts in shot??….hmmmm

  4. She got some big ass tities

  5. Im a Singaporean and those arent cheap! Haha

  6. 8:27 “I could eat anything”

    Same here

  7. i don’t want to sound racist in any way but dalena is the most beautiful asian i have ever seen.. no cap fr

  8. You should have tried the nasi briani bento set

  9. Why you don't resume the video on your place when eating the stuff :/ i wanted to see it

  10. wtf our yakult bottles are big ?? how much smaller can yakult get omg one gulp and you'll down the whole bottle?

  11. dnxjfjfifni didnt know u came to singapore

  12. Thanks for the great camera angles on your GF chonny, keep it up.

  13. Did she say " That's so INCONVENIENT?" Doesn't make sense lol Did she meant to say Convenient? Lol

  14. She has delicious tits!!

  15. It’s not cheese stick it’s sausage

  16. Lion and mermaid have baby 🤔

  17. Why can’t American 7 elevens be like this😪

  18. just a suggestion maybe you should ask locals for their recommendations before coming here 🙂

  19. Normal 7-11 Is cheaper then MBS 7-11 🤙🏻

  20. Go ntuc buy is much more cheaper ^.^

  21. Subscribe to “itsjustian”

  22. I love watching you guys travel. You are the cutest couple.

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