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Casey Goes to the Gym | Family By the Ton

Motivated to lose weight and qualify for surgery, Casey goes to the gym for the first time in a long time.

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  1. I am a little chubby so i feel bad for him best of luck casey

  2. Gotta get rid a that spare tire boss. Start getting the poontang again

  3. Bruh. Shaggy need to calm down when he get the the munchies.

  4. Best series I want to meet the trainer.

  5. Love this trainer. Thank god it wasn’t another Jillian Michaels wannabe

  6. Honestly, so excited for him

  7. I really want to see this guy’s transformation, getting a six and shit

  8. As a trainer he should know that is not what that guy needs to be doing. There are many more efficient movements he could be doing in order to see his goal. I cannot stress calisthenics and stretching enough.

  9. Is that Donal trump with a beard?

  10. Keep going bro you go this

  11. I'm looking forward for his change in the future

  12. Bro the guy legit lifted his foot and got tired

  13. How did he not sink with that flappty head ass

  14. I bet he went to go eat after the gym lol

  15. He kind of looks like Shaggy

  16. He has my respect. I can tell that he is really starting to realize that he can do this. 👏👏 Good job keep going.👏👏

  17. Dude wearing Bread 1s to the gym🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️👎🏾

  18. So what brought you in here?

  19. CASEY CASEY CASEY!!!!! Work that body youre doing so so so good the fact that your genuinely making steps forward n want to get healthy shows that you care keep pushing forward every single day n very soon youll be in better shape your health will get so much better within weeks your concerns n struggles will be nonexistent and i dont not mean this to be rude in any way at all but at your size youll lose weight rapidly n soon youll be a size that doesnt stop u from doing things normally showering normally walking up stairs driving all of it u dont have to be a lean fit buff bodybuilder you just have to get down to a normal size n work from there if u rlly want to god bless KEEP YOUR WILL POWER IT MAY BE BROKEN AT TIMES BUT IT WILL REGENERATE ONCE YOU REST AND REMEMBER WHAT YOURE WORKING FOR!!!!!

  20. keep up the good work Big Boy! Always remember that it's never gonna be harder than it is right now. if you can get through it today, you can make it tomorrow and it'll be easier. dont quit! You can do it!

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