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Ali Siddiq ‐ The Trip: Downing a Bag of Mushrooms – This Is Not Happening #comedy #comedyvideos

Ali Siddiq accidentally downs a bag of psychedelic mushrooms and freaks out on the way to his hotel room. (Contains strong language.)

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About This Is Not Happening:
Now hosted by Roy Wood Jr., This Is Not Happening features long-form storytelling from stand-up comedians, musicians and more. These outrageous stories show why real-life experiences always make the best material.

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  1. God this made my week 😂😂He fn hilarious!

  2. I honestly don't care if ANY of this actually happened. His story telling ability makes it worth the watch.

  3. Ok, look. Ali is hilarious. BUT , if you think Ari would have missed the opportunity to be Ali's co pilot on his first shroom trip, especially considering how many he ate..

    Oh. Wait. Nevermind 😳

  4. I nearly shit myself laughing……oh lord….been there..done that

  5. That one guy that laughed tho

  6. No way. Psychedelic mushrooms taste like shit. They grow on cow shit. He didn't eat shit.

  7. ali siddiq, such a great storyteller, i clapped after the story, then realized im at home watching this..

  8. he has more stand-up… not just the "on boots" thing. these comments make me smh

  9. Who doesn't tell their friend they just downed a whole bag of magic mushrooms?!?!

  10. I really wanna laugh at this but it just makes me miss doing mushrooms. Such fun times.

  11. The pool on the 6th floor made me laugh so hard

  12. roy wood jr is a terrible host and is fucking annoying. all he does is say his own name. fuck you and your ygly ass suit.

  13. I swear I was looking in the mirror for like 10 minutes when I was on shrooms. I was sooooooo intrigued lol

  14. I'm coming down watching. The fuck.

  15. Can't wait to see more from him. I'm a huge stand-up fan and have watched several of his clips; this guys got somethin.

  16. He is making me feel like I just took them. Flashback…

  17. " …you need to drink some milk"

  18. Is this guy gay ? I mean no disrespect but anyone know?

  19. lmao "mushroom chips" ….i remember when i ate "mushroom chips"

  20. 367 ppl have not taken mushrooms. LOL

  21. Anyone else notice the run the jewels beat in the intro

  22. I laughed so hard this guy is funny!

  23. This man is aggressively unfunny

  24. Y’all must’ve never done shrooms if u think u can’t remember everything, I can remember every trip I’ve ever had and exactly where I was and what I was doing each time. It’s a little harder to text but u still know what’s going on around u and not every batch of shrooms taste nasty. If it was grown in a mono tub they taste exactly like normal mushrooms especially when they’re fresh you can’t tell the difference. Only when they’re grown outside in shit do they taste somewhat bad and they only taste like dried peanuts if anything

  25. The dude in the red sweater was not laughing then started dying

  26. I am lost, but why didn't his friend take him to a place and monitor him?

  27. this is how you know this story is bulshit "I just gubeld them up " yeha right

  28. I had a guy saturate some Tang with several hundred locally grown "Liberty Cap" mushrooms without my knowledge. He called it magic tea. But only after I had drank it. I saw flowered wall paper on totally white walls all rush out the front door when someone opened it. The small portable B&W TV was now airing programs in full living color. But the worst part was I thought the few friends that were there were all mad at each other and nearly ready to start swinging. So I can feel for you. It can get pretty strange. But as scary as that might have been, very, very funny story.

  29. I watch this religously I love these people omg

  30. Couch Time With Sonja brought me here. This guy is too funny 😂

  31. Do Mexican got on boots though…??

  32. WTF i was always told to drink OJ, the glass never ends!

  33. Do you notice how he always moves the stool when he says a joke.

  34. Any RTJ fans notice the song?

  35. roy woods jr will never be ari

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