Fatty liver homeopathy medicine & treatment | Fatty liver causes, Symptoms, risk factors

In this video, I provide the all information on fatty liver its causes, fatty liver types, fatty liver treatment, and general measures.
two types of fatty liver found one is the alcoholic and second one is the non-alcoholic.
Alcohol is the major cause of fatty liver syndrome and in this condition when the person can withdraw the alcohol Liver can repair itself within 6 weeks.
The second one is non-alcoholic fatty liver, in non-alcoholic fatty liver, there are many causes like obesity, Lipids in blood, during pregnancy, high-fat diet, and sedentary lifestyle so if you manage all these things you can get rid of fatty liver.
In this video, I provide the medicines of fatty liver Homoeopathic treatment and medicine is very helpful in the fatty liver with the help of homeopathy and general management you can easily beat the fatty liver.
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