In this video I show you what an eye exam looks like. I got a routine eye exam after 8 years! I show you what to expect at an eye exam. Sort of asmr eye exam. It is important to check your vision. I got an eye exam after 8 years and this happened.
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  1. Call of duty gang   28 May، 2019 at 00:51

    Congrats to my beautiful wife and for hitting 4K Subs keep shining and u will make it to the top soon love you

  2. Becka Jones   28 May، 2019 at 00:51

    I know exactly what you’re talking about, it is hard to describe. Glad there’s a simple solution.

  3. Jim Boice   28 May، 2019 at 00:51

    As I was watching you do your eyetest where yo were asked to read the letters on the eye chart I could already tell at the 1:03 point of your video that you would be getting glasses. If you wondering I knew this because i'm a retired optician so I often did pre-testing of peoples eyes before they saw the doctor. Even before you mentioned it later on in your video I could tell that you had much more difficulty with reading the letters with your right eye than you did with your left eye. One thing I urge you to do when you go back to get your glasses is to ask for 2 things. Ask for a copy of your prescription and what your "PD measurement" is? Why you may be asking? Well first of all you should always keep a copy for your own records to keep track of how your vision changes from now on. Don't be surprised to find that you may need your glasses changed after about a year from now. By then your left eye may need to be made stronger than it is now? And another reason is now that you're going to be wearing glasses and at 20/60 you are now "restricted" to wearing glasses whenever you drive. Driving without glasses isn't an option once you get your glasses. So that means on sunny days you won't be able to take off your glasses and wear your non-prescription sunglasses anymore. In fact any sunglasses you now have are pretty much going to be useless for you except if your just sitting out in the sun reading a book. So by getting a copy of your prescription and your PD measurement you will have everything you need to go on line and order yourself a nice pair of prescription sunglasses. It's actually very easy to do and if you need or want my help I would be glad to help you. Their are a number of very good sites on line such as Firmoo and Eye Buy Direct but my personal favorite is Zenn i Optical (zennioptical.com) This may shock you but you can actually go in their and find a rather nice selection of glasses that would include yor prescription for as little as $6.95. No that's not a typo. They have several hundred more for under $13.00. Oh and for prescription sunglasses don't look at their sunglasses because they also sell no prescription sunglasses. Just find a pair from their regular glasses and imagine them as sunglasses. You then add on the sunglass tinting for $5.00.

  4. Bee Rose   28 May، 2019 at 00:51

    Can’t wait to see the frames you pick out, I’m blind without my glasses 😂, it’ll be fun picking your style, it’s nice to just have to wear them when you need to 😊

  5. Mommy of 3   28 May، 2019 at 00:51

    Ay girl I been wanting to make an appointment as well ! I need to thanks for reminding me !

  6. SuperJess TV   28 May، 2019 at 00:51

    The quality of your phone is not bad at all.

  7. Tebazilee   28 May، 2019 at 00:51


  8. LifeWithLowee   28 May، 2019 at 00:51

    I went about 2 yrs ago to get my eyes checked because I wanted glasses, I thought it would be cool 😅
    And still to this day I don't even wear them 🤦‍♀️

  9. Redneck the Fam   28 May، 2019 at 00:51

    Hey good to see u were on hit that like button

  10. MomLifewithKay   28 May، 2019 at 00:51

    Well I’m glad to hear that Ure eyesight is still pretty good! And I totally understand what u mean by that dizziness it happens to me too😭

  11. My Life As Mom   28 May، 2019 at 00:51

    Wow I didn’t know that if it was worse than 20 that means your vision is bad, I never asked what my vision was. Maybe because I know it’s bad lol. I love how calm David was, did he do good inside the office?

  12. Yessi LifeStyle   28 May، 2019 at 00:51

    Last time I went was when I was 20 and I am 28 so I need to go too. I feel the same way like u say. I get dizzy and I get nasty head ache when I am too much on screens!

  13. عالم الطبخ cooking world   28 May، 2019 at 00:51

    الله يعطيك الصحة حبيبتي 🌺👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

  14. blessed mama v   28 May، 2019 at 00:51

    I haven’t been to get an eye exam since I was like 18

  15. Marissa C   28 May، 2019 at 00:51

    Aww I am so sorry


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