ERAS Cardiac ~ 6 Minute Introduction Video

ERAS Cardiac ~ 6 Minute Introduction Video

Optimize Perioperative Care of Cardiac Surgical Patients Through Collaborative: Discovery, Analysis, and Best Practices

❣The Formation of the ERAS® Cardiac Surgery Society

☒ Evidence-Based Best Practices: Evidence suggests that evidence-based best practice protocols, delivered by a multidisciplinary team, lead to an earlier recovery after surgery than do traditional methods.

☒ Improved Outcomes: Key outcomes include improved patient satisfaction, with reduced morbidity, length of stay and cost.

☒ ERAS® Cardiac Surgery ~ European Standard: These refinements have led to ERAS® becoming the standard of care in many European countries for patients undergoing colorectal surgery.

☒ Expansion: There has been an expansion of its role to other surgical specialties, and from elective to emergency care.

☒ Cardiac Surgery: We will now begin to replicate these results in the cardiac surgical arena.

☒ ERAS® Cardiac Surgery ~ Annual Meeting: As a result, the Inaugural Enhanced Recovery After Cardiac Surgery Symposium was held in Boston on April 29th, 2017.

☒ ERAS® Cardiac Surgery ~ Annual Meeting Strategy: Forward-thinking leaders in Cardiac Surgery recognize the need to standardize best practices as other specialties have done through their Enhanced Recovery After Surgery programs. Invited experts will plan future meetings addressing how outcomes and financial data can be utilized to assess techniques, devices, medications and protocols to promote safe, rapid, and cost-effective recovery from Cardiac Surgery.


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