Enhanced colonoscopy with ENDOCUFF VISION™ | Gastroenterology | OLYMPUS #Gastroenterology

Enhanced colonoscopy with ENDOCUFF VISION™ | Gastroenterology | OLYMPUS #Gastroenterology

ENDOCUFF VISION™ – greater visibility, improved screening performace, enhanced colonoscopy

ENDOCUFF VISION™, a device attached to the distal end of a colonoscope, has been shown to increase adenoma detection rates (ADR) by manipulating colonic folds and increasing viewable mucosa during colonoscopy.
A single row of flexible arms evert and flatten folds to provide an enhanced view of the entire colon. Additionally, the arms help prevent slippage during withdrawal, stabilize the scope tip during examination and polypectomy, and reduce difficulties associated with looping.

Unseen adenomas and polyps causes for concern and clinical studies show how ENDOCUFF VISION™ improve the screening performance notably:
24 % of adenomas are missed with standard colonoscopy
40 % of polyps go undetected
10.8% Increase in ADR after use
ENDOCUFF VISION™ maximizes visualization during a colonoscopy decreasing the overall polyp missrate.*


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