Efund Your Health: Crowd Funding for Alternative Medicine

Efund Your Health: Crowd Funding for Alternative Medicine

eFundYourHealth is a Non profit organization that enables patients with low funds to receive donations from the greater wellness community.

eFundYourHealth is the only crowdfunding platform that provides a vehicle for tax-deductible donations that matches campaign donations, expands the reach of complementary and alternative medical treatments and eases the financial burden for both the patients and those practitioners who want to help but otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Visit efundyourhealth’s website at: https://bit.ly/2MdHRuX

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  1. Preet Kaur   11 February، 2019 at 14:36

    Hey Dane Jonson. I am suffering from ulcerative colitis from 7 years. How I contact with you?


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