Dr. Bret Scher – Low Carb Cardiologist on Carnivore & Complexities of our Health System #cardiology

Dr. Bret Scher – Low Carb Cardiologist on Carnivore & Complexities of our Health System #cardiology

Dr. Bret Scher, the Low Carb Cardiologist, is a board-certified, practicing cardiologist. He’s the host of the Low Carb Cardiologist podcast, as well as the new Diet Doctor Podcast in collaboration with Andreas Eenfeldt. He’s also the author of “Your Best Health Ever”. Dr. Bret’s real goal is to inspire individuals just like you to promote your own health by adopting healthy lifestyle habits without prescriptions.

Dr. Bret and I speak about:
– Limits of conventional medical care
– Complexities of our health and nutrition system today
– Preventative care as a model for improving health
– Most important heart health markers
– His view on a carnivore diet
– And much more!

Published on: 18/09/2018

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The Carnivore Cast is a podcast focused on the carnivore diet and lifestyle with practical advice from successful carnivores, citizen scientists, and top researchers answering your burning questions and meaty topics.

Disclaimer: The views presented on this show are not to be taken as medical advice. Please consult your doctor before adopting a new diet or nutrition regime.



3 Responses to "Dr. Bret Scher – Low Carb Cardiologist on Carnivore & Complexities of our Health System #cardiology"

  1. The Carnivore Cast   28 November، 2019 at 07:14

    Where to find Dr. Bret Scher:

    Dr. Bret's website – https://lowcarbcardiologist.com/

    Diet Doctor podcast – https://www.dietdoctor.com/podcast

    Twitter – https://twitter.com/bschermd

    Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/drbretscher/

    Amazon “Your Best Health Ever” Book – https://www.amazon.com/Your-Best-Health-Ever-Cardiologists/dp/0692852816

  2. Yvonne Finnegan   28 November، 2019 at 07:14

    How about a podcast exploring the carnivore way of eating effects for the 50+ crowd more specifically?

  3. April's accountability account   28 November، 2019 at 07:14

    Carnivore since middle of June. LMHR, my most current LDL was 822. Rose from 300's while keto to 822 currently on carnivore. Am also looking forward to getting a CIMT, A test my cardiologist will not order for me. Also would not order me a CAC. UGH. I paid for my own CAC score out of pocket. CAC score was zero by the way. Also paid for my fasting insulin out of pocket- 1.7 . My CRP was rock bottom as well – .20 and neg for FH. Loved this podcast. Wish I could find a cardiologist like Dr.Scher. My current cardiologist is past chairman of the AHA that really wants me to stop carnivore. And not even go back to keto


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