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Hi friends. In this video we will see how to improve sexual performance to satisfy your partner whole night. People losing their sexual energy is something that affects both genders dramatically. Scientific research has indicated that a decline in sexual urges is prevalent among women more than men. Friends. Here are the most perfect ways to improve sex power and performance. See one by one.


Scientific research was conducted by scientists in Texas. They found that Watermelon has similar effects to Viagra. The chemicals within watermelon has been shown to relax your blood vessels. Most men know that it’s extremely important to be relaxed when conducting sexual intercourse. By having your blood vessels relaxed, you will find that it’s much easier to produce an erection.

Sweet Potatoes:

The reason why sweet potatoes work extremely well with handling high blood pressure, is the calcium and potassium that is present within sweet potatoes.These two vitamins act like insulin and works to stabilize the blood pressure levels within your body. Eat sweet potatoes and you will be able to reduce the impact of high blood pressure on your body. You will be able to reduce your risk of getting erectile dysfunction as well.


Chocolate has a widely known effect, and that’s the release of a neurotransmitter by the name of serotonin. Serotonin is widely known to produce happiness for you, in simple terms. Serotonin is loosely correlated with your libido. By having more serotonin within your body, you increase the chances of improving your libido.


Almonds are rich in all sorts of vitamins. These vitamins include: zinc, vitamin E, and healthy omega 3s. Poor health has been associated with poor sexual performance and low libido. You don’t want to be vitamin deficient as that will cause all sorts of problems throughout your body. By having a healthier body, you will be able to boost your libido.

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