Doctors Welcomed By Thakur Sai Om Lal Saheb Ji At Jai Jhulelal Hospital Bharuch Gujrat On 23rd Dec #Generalsurgery

With divine blessing of P.Puj.Thakur Sai Assanlal ji and with generous support of P.Puj.Thakur Sai Omlal ji 3rd free Urology surgical camp commenced today at Jai Jhulelal Hospital, Jhadeshwar Chokdi,Bharuch.
Registration of patients and OPD started from 9 AM. Preliminary examination including the required pathology and imaging investigations were done throughout the day. Over 300 Patients of various urinary disorders and Kidney problems availed the benefit of free check-up and diagnosis. Many patients suffering from other disorders also availed the benefit of free check-up and diagnosis in general surgery, orthopaedic and spinal issues. Dr. Pankaj Patel, Dr. Darshan Shah, Dr.Mehin Shah, Dr. Shyam Lalchandani,Dr.Vikas Matai , Dr.Kedar Phadke, Dr. T.K. Gianchandani and others rendered their free services in the Camp.
Medicines prescribed for suffering patients were given free of cost. Patients identified for surgeries will be admitted in the hospital starting December 22 and Surgeries will be performed from Dec 23rdto Dec 26th. Dr Mantu Gupta, a renowned Urologist from America and other eminent Urologists/surgeons across India along with trained paramedical staff will perform Urology and related surgeries. Dr Gupta will specially operate the Patients of prostate enlargement and bladder and kidney stones.
Patients admitted for surgeries will be provided free admission facility in the hospital, medicines, Food, Fruits, pathology and imaging investigations and follow up medical examinations etc. as required.


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