Concentrated extract spray dryer #Herbalmedicine

Concentrated extract spray dryer
Chinese Herbal Medicine Extract Spraying Dryer
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Welcome to Changzhou Yongchang Granulating Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.

Chinese herbaI medicine extract is refined from root,stem and Ieaves of plants,and
contains high sugar which iS easy melted at high temperature.NormaI centrifugaI spraying
cannot meet its drying requirements.For this reason.our company organized a group of
technicians to develop such a dryer especially used for Chinese herbal medicine extract.
after repeated calculations and countless tests on the basis of our expenence to make spraying
dryer and collect advantages of same kind of dryers from both domestic and abroad.
Modifications have been made when designing Chinese Herbal Medicine Extract Spraying Dryer:
1.The diameter and height of the tower have be modified to ensure that powder cannot reach at the wall of the tower before dry,and ensure
that powder will have enough dwelling time in hot air to complete low-temperature drying.The wall of the tower has sandwich cooling device
to ensure Iiquid materials not to be softened,melt or coked when they are stuck on the wall that has partial high-temperature.There is air
shocker on the cone body which has larger taper and can pulsate the tube by compressed air to shake down powder which is stuck on the tube.
2.All contact places inside the dryer have plain or round surface,
and are ground and polished(fine polish over 10)to avoid sand hole and
dead angle etc.The contact surface is made of stainless steeI to
ensure materials free of pollution.The driving parts have good sealing
to prevent water and oil.Materials discharge is done by sealed butterfly
valve to avoid air leaking.Discharge pipes are connected flexibly for
easy dismantling in order.
3.Three-stage air filters are used on air pre-treatment system and
air can be purified up to 100 thousand level.
4.PLC program controI system circuit is used and cartoons of contact
screen displays technologicaI process.Variable data carries out
automatic trace and reguiation by fuzzy technique,the atomizer is
adjusted stably by frequency converter,temperature of incoming air
is adjusted by the power-regulator.precision can teach plus and minus
two so as to largely reduce energy consumption.Incoming and outgoing
temperature as welI as pressure inside the towercan be set up precisely.


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