My brain is starting to realize where my body is…
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  1. The Frey Life says

    Gotta do what you gotta do

  2. Amar Chhabra says

    You guys have a beautiful tree!

  3. Liz brown says

    This is probably a stupid thing to say but why can’t you get a lung transplant 😻🇨🇦🤞

  4. David Pickett says

    I have three cancers. I've done IVIG. I've had a port in my chest. I have never known anyone with CF. Listening to you cough makes me want to pray for you both. Thank You for sharing your journey.

  5. Alice Devens says

    Mary, I'm praying sweetie for ya, hoping u feel better before Tuesday..Christmas..God bless you sweetie..Alice, from Pa

  6. Christy Contreras says

    Have you tried Mullein tea or supplements? It’s supposed to be really good for lung health.

  7. Meolah Resseh says

    In Jesus name spirit of infirmity leave now, and lungs be healed

  8. Pauline Clarke says

    I just wondered wether you have ever been considered for a lung transplant for your cystic fibrosis, wishing you peace and health much love from U.K. ❤️

  9. Carie B says

    Hello, I'm new to your channel. I just watched this video for the very 1st time. I'm so so sorry that you aren't feeling well. I had a friend that had C.F. also. Sorry to say that he had passed away in 2005. Just a week shy of his 40th Birthday. Now that I saw this video of you, you are getting prayers from me. That you start doing so much better. Your both young and deserve so much more in life. I hope to learn more about you guys. Take care, everything will be alright.
    Carie -Virginia Beach, Va

  10. Jackie Price says

    Did you guys move? It looks bigger

  11. Lorie Parker Wade says

    That's me, I dance my heart is broke, my lungs, knees, joints….fight through it with a smile on our faces!

  12. Cecilia Tiller says

    Hi guys! In so sorry Mary not well and looks like she needs to be in hospital! I'm sitting g here waiting to leave for work in a food shop at 5 20 in the morning being a bit fed up but after watching this vlog I realise in lucky in healthy enough to go to work! Hope you both have a lovely xmas wherever you are! Please everyone reading this be kind and patience with the sales assistants who really are under a lot of pressure xmas time!!! Thanks!🌲

  13. Nothing Special says

    When is it time for a transplant?

  14. pastorwife 2000 says

    You so encourage me with your faith and still pushing thru with your lungs.

  15. Trevor Strain says

    I don't watch your vlogs everyday, but i do pray for you. Xoxoxoxo sending you love and positivity ❤ -KatieCavezza

  16. Hello Mary and Peter,
    My name is Jenna a friend of mine contacted you to make a shirt for her 18 inch American girl doll We happen to be really good friends he name is Brandi Coulter we both are battling sicknesses thank you for what you do.

  17. Skitz says

    i’m seeing a lot of negativity in the comment section. i’m sure that’s the last thing that mary and peter need with all that they go through. we are lucky they keep us involved so much in their lives so i wish people wouldn’t be so judgmental and complain.

  18. Mandy Fontenot says

    Ur so strong ill pray for you

  19. Janet Elitzer says

    When ya got to go, ya go to go…

  20. louise Bayliss says

    I so know what you mean. I am 12wk post surgery to rebuild my foot and my head says I feel good so I do things and then my foot hurts and I spend the next 24 hrs sleeping. It's so hard to stop and take things easy when you enjoy doing the little things. Take care of yourself babes. Xxxxx

  21. Lee Flood says

    Praying that tomorrow goes well, I’m so glad you have been enjoying your tree your so sweet Mary and Peter is. A true blessing for you 🙏🏼🌸💜🌸

  22. Service Dog Colt says

    I totally get the same way when I am on sleepy meds and some others Mary! Totally get it! Love and hugs to you! So behind on Vlogs cause of my health but slowly catching up! ❤️❤️❤️

  23. Judi Jones says

    Life I have come to the conclusion is just horrible. We try to make it pleasurable but actually it's anything but. I hate to see you suffer. I hate that I suffer too. I cannot understand how a loving heavenly father can allow his children to suffer when an earthly father would not.

  24. Brooke Owens says

    Praying for your healing! God has not forgotten you or your prayers! He is all powerful and I pray for a growing of faith and love in you to know His desire for healing in you!! Love you both and admire your strength!

  25. Mary Wood says

    Are you guys on facebook. X

  26. Gracie Palencia says

    Coming to terms is hard! I'm in the same boat for different health reasons. 27 years old and hardly able to stand or walk without assistance or my wheelchair anymore. I used to dance for God at our church. Have a list of health issues and meds I take as well but Mary girl we just gotta keep swimming. Trust me I get it though. Praying for you and Peter

  27. Ludinia Carter says

    You both always make me smile no matter how bad I am feeling. You are so, so, inspiring! Keep you positivity, it is so encouraging. Thank you guys for sharing your life and being so real!❤❤

  28. Jo Deming says

    Mary, Peter & gorgeous Ollie much love and prayers to all of you. You both are so inspiring to all of us. As sick as you are at times you are so upbeat and happy. I wish you a speedy recovery and to be better at home this holiday season. Much love & many thanks for Sharing with us

  29. holiday 2406 says

    We can't see "everything" in the road….but things happen!!!

  30. Natalie W says

    Keep hanging on love. ❤️ I have fibromyalgia and I'm a cancer survivor but right now they are trying to rule out lymphoma.. I totally understand the whole " trying to match your brain to just how bad you are feeling" just keep going Mar bear! Your support could fill up your whole neighborhood😘

    ❤️Natalie W.

  31. Joanne Cottam says

    I can see in your neck that breathing is harder. I pray for you every day for you!

  32. Milky Borderline says

    Mary – "good morning everyone, it's the afternoon"
    I feel like a mistake was made

  33. Red road runner 2 says

    Keep going ❤️❤️

  34. Kim Daniels says

    I agree that the Christmas decorations help when you’re not feeling well.

  35. Kim Daniels says

    Sadly sometimes your body tells you that it’s had enough. I was admitted for a week back in November, right before Thanksgiving. I went to my doctor and couldn’t even sit up, and while I didn’t want to be admitted, I knew I needed to be.

  36. turtle says

    I am going to be in the psych ward over Christmas. All in this together, I guess!

  37. Lee Flood says

    Bless you Mary and peter what lovely people if only everyone had good hearts like you both praying you get well ASAP love from your new Australian friend Lee 🌸💜🌸

  38. Kat Piotrowski says

    I see a lot of comments about why doesn’t Mary keep something handy to vomit into and not get the bedding messed up. If you have ever been so incredibly sick that you can’t stop coughing you would know that it is difficult if not impossible to grab an item or do anything for that matter. It just happens and so ridiculously fast. I had just purchased a pair of uggs, big expenditure for me, I had them on and started coughing when sick and then suddenly, violently threw up…my uggs barely survived. Just awful.

  39. The Killen Clan says

    Prayers!!! You've got this!!!

  40. Deborah Fobe says

    Praying for Mary.

  41. Ashlie Leavelle says

    I hope that you have a Merry Christmas and don't feel poorly.

  42. Kelley Mango says

    My Frey life bag arrived today. It's fabulous,s Love how roomy it is and the zipper is an added bonus. Worth every penny, and I love the shipping bag with Ollie on it.

  43. Masami Murphy says

    Prayers goes from Japan

  44. Joyce Merlo says

    So sorry that you're struggling Mary. You are so sweet You have a beautiful tree and I am so happy you have been enjoying your Christmas ornaments too. I love the train.

  45. Sherri G says

    Mary!!! You are so real so very real you bring tears to my eyes not in a saddening way but just like you are so genuinely sweet. I enjoy this channel simply because its free from drama you get a bit of motivation.. You see an example of true love and the realness of fighting through sickness.

  46. Jessica Cross says

    just wondering why your in a sweater if you have a high temp? Iv noticed it in a few videos and I’m just curious.

  47. hudsonsailor54 says


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