Ask Your Doubts About Vision Board

Ask Your Doubts About Vision Board

ask your doubts about vision board

21 minutes weight loss vision board ( WHY affirmations)/वजन घटने के लिए विज़न बोर्ड

how to use a vision board
1-best time to watch as you wake up and just before sleep in a night
2 watch at least 2 times a day
3-watch for 42 days for best results
4 to get results faster do eft(tapping) while watching video
how to eft link will be given below
then start tapping on tapping points
5 after completing eft it is better to sleep in savasana for 5-10 minutes…just observe your thoughts

how to use a vision board

2 minute weight loss vision board

Iam not a Professional healer ,therapist,counsellor,therapist,practitioner .
I don’t claim to treat any physical disease nor claim it to be a replacement for any medical treatment. Any alternate healing, namely Bach flowers, Switch words, Mantras, Mudras enhance one’s mental will-power to cope with life problems and situations. These remedies,mudras,switch words or any other remedies that have been recommended, are not a substitute to proper medical care or medicines.They are not meant to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent any diseases/symptoms/health problems. I don’t make any claim for partial or complete cure or relief of any symptoms/diseases/discomfort/direct or indirect health problems.Doctor’s advice and medication is to be strictly followed.

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All teaching credit goes to -My guruji Naran S Bala Kumar–

Million thanks to my guruji
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11 Responses to "Ask Your Doubts About Vision Board"

  1. DHANALAKSHMI SELVARAJAN   10 January، 2019 at 05:40

    Mam please update vision board for NEET preparing my daughter thanks in advance

  2. Neha Bajaj   10 January، 2019 at 05:40

    Vision board Kaise kerna use

  3. Chirag Bhatia   10 January، 2019 at 05:40

    Trust pura hai ap k upar and apki technique k … Thank-you

  4. Kartik Rao   10 January، 2019 at 05:40

    "Find count divine now "par vision board bnay

  5. rajesh infra   10 January، 2019 at 05:40

    Didi Ji ek jagas dukaan kharidi thee to us Dukaan ko bachane ke upay bataaye wo dukaan bik nahi rahi hai or naa hi woo dukaan chalti hai kripa karke Dukaan ko bachane ke upay bataaye.

  6. Chandrani Banerjee   10 January، 2019 at 05:40

    Madam , video sound is very low

  7. Chandrani Banerjee   10 January، 2019 at 05:40

    Happy New Year Mam. Mam, when I was started chanting for relationship after two days I got the results. But after that again same thing happened. Not receiving my phone, not coming also . From 6th December till now he is out.

  8. Jayanti Chakraborty   10 January، 2019 at 05:40

    Hii…. Happy new yr di

  9. Durba Sen   10 January، 2019 at 05:40

    Hii..happy new year sis.

  10. ANNU AGRAWAL   10 January، 2019 at 05:40


  11. sangeeta jainani   10 January، 2019 at 05:40

    Even if i m.subscribed n bell notification is on i didnt get live chat notification.Missed it.
    Mam EFT for healing for my son, he is an adult how to do it…


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