Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol Withdrawal

An overview of the classification and treatment of alcohol withdrawal, including discussion of withdrawal seizures, delirium tremens (DT), CIWA scores, and “benzo-sparing” protocols.

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23 Responses to "Alcohol Withdrawal"

  1. Comrade2face   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    so after 2 weeks of being sober, everything was going fine and dandy, now today i got a bad headache and it sucks i feel like my favourite stout to take the pain away but no, i must fight this and i know my body will eventually thank me

  2. Party Tomorrow   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    people are generally stupid soo its no surprise at all and i look at the future generations but all i can tell is were going extinct

  3. Party Tomorrow   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    i do admit i did say i was depressed but im not i was seeing if the government would actually agree its inhumane my living conditions but im not sad because of that im telling you the drugs and the weather is bothering alot

  4. AWhileHanlin   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    I know this is listened and well known but after getting rid of alcohol in my system approx after 5 days my sleep is amazing!. I forgot what proper sleep was, I can function so much better and feel happier even at this stage. Don't overlook how important sleep is and how disruptive alcohol is for it.

  5. Lilith Scyther   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    I don't think I'm all that addicted (physically) I consume 12-15 drinks daily and despite white knuckling it, I can go about a week without, but it's been over a year since I took a break. I'm not exactly getting any better. Just wondering if I might get a seizure but doesn't seem like it. That would definitely be something new.

  6. bleedingfly   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    After 20 yrs drinking constant i got lucky. I tasted success and for me success tasted better than alcohol. I wish you all luck.

  7. C. R. M.   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    Going through withdrawals, and wanted to learn more. Thanks.

  8. Jake F   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    Just wanted to thank you for the video. I am very much struggling, and my Clonazapam is not working anymore. I sometimes take 15 pills of it to try and settle me down. If you have any suggestions please throw my way. What’s appreciate it

  9. Walter   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    I can only speak for myself. To make a long story short, i binged alcohol for roughly 15+ years. Not the "oh have 2 to 5 drinks per night"… Nah nah… This was 15 to 25 beers on an empty stomach almost every night. The days i did not drink i had severe hangovers and shaking with low blood sugar and all that comes with alcohol.
    Of course it escalated more throughout the years as i became more resistant to its effect. And oh yes.. I was really deep down it. I used to steal shit to be able to afford those 10+ beers or wine boxes. I was totally dived into alcoholism. I did not care about myself or my life only that i would get that shit into me. (Not that far so i started raiding hospitals for their alcoholic hand soap).
    It became so bad at one time, that i started pooping blood every time i passed stool. Not from my intestines but my anus was so shredded from constant diarrhea every day it was like paper… One hard bowel movement and i would paint my bowl red.
    Needless to say that did not stop me from drinking… Fast forward years… What finally stopped me was not rehab or understanding addiction. What stopped me was, understanding the mental causes of the triggers that wanted to make me escape that reality i was living at that time. As it has been said before. Don't treat the symptoms, treat the cause of it.
    I realized, i can drink until the cows come home and my anus leaks out all the blood in my body … It wont be enough and the pain would still be there!

    You have to face yourself and be true to yourself. It is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. But once you face yourself and you are true to yourself. To your wants, your needs, your feelings, your life and share it with the world. That is the foundation that will make you – You! When this happens… There will be no more need or wanting. If you want to drink, drugs, smoke .. whatever.. Its all up to you. The pages in your diary are blank from this point on. What you fill them with is what you want to put there. And don't want a diary.. Throw it away. It is your life you. Make the most of it for you.
    It is where it should have started in the first place. But some of us (including me) gets side tracked. But no matter what anyone tells you. It is never too late. Forgive yourself and love yourself. <3 Even if you end up alone. Life is better experienced soberly. Why?… Because when you become old.. You will have good memories to remember. Not hazy drunk fueled binges that meant nothing for 15, 20., 35 years.

    Live your life <3

  10. Hot Rockin'   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    Withdrawal is the Devils work

  11. David McCormick   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    And you hear uneducated people shit on benzos all the time. These are life savers. Many people died because "doctors" tried non benzo "treatment" on heavy drinkers. These people should be accountable, sadly they are not.

  12. David McCormick   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    You did a great job! Finally someone who knows his shit.

  13. Brett Sydney   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    My goodness, I cant think without a drink. I think I need to be drowsy right now. I really need to stop. Im watching this, because I want to stop. 🚫 Only I cant due to a death that happened to me…

  14. liam brazy   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    Ive only had night sweats when i stop drinking for days id say i drink alot about 3 to 4 times a week but if i go a week without drinking i feel different like i dont want to drink and then the next time i drink i wanna keep drinking and re start the cycle.

  15. Shashin Jananja   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    👌👌 love your videos bottom of my heart, excellent explanation each and every one, Doc I would like to suggest do a video series about Echocardiography plz I m starving of those

  16. Dr. MAHEEN AJMAL T A   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    Thank you for your valuable lectures 👌

  17. Devotion Loyalty   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    Thank u man , Thats why Alcohol is haram in Islam

  18. Lucas da Matta   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    you are surreal

  19. Michał Pacia   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    Your intern crash course series is AWESOME! Thank you for this 🙂

  20. jan bijak   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    great explanation! thanks!

  21. Jeff Dymek   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    Loved the alternate picking/shred sequence at the end. Oh, the content was good too.

  22. EE z   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    Always ,always on point. Thank you for this concise and precise lecture

  23. Youssef Kh   22 January، 2020 at 17:18

    Thank you Dr Eric .. Are there any plans for more "approach to symptoms" videos ?


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