Advice for Self Crackers. Chiropractic Cracks. S3:E3

Advice for Self Crackers. Chiropractic Cracks. S3:E3

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Thanks for watching Self Cracking Teen Visit 2 With Advice for Self Crackers & Full Body Chiropractic Adjustment.


Self Cracking Advanced Tips

1) The Once a day rule. If you crack for pain relief and you feel the need to do this more than once a day, consistently, please find a good chiropractor. If you crack more than once a day out of habit, PLEASE STOP. The following tips may help further.

2) Crack in the morning. Since you’re only going to do this once a day, it’s best to start the day off with a fresh spine. OPTIMALLY, a very simple 5-10 minute (minimum) stretching routine to warm up your spine, decreases stiffness, and increase blood flow to muscles should be used.

Make it a ritual. Take it serious. I will have a video at some point giving a basic stretch routine. Or shoot me a link in the comment section if you find one on YT. I’ll happily review.

You can also start with the yoga sequence of “‘sun salutations.” Search You Tube for Sun Salutations. Find a good video that you enjoy. Watch it with the intent that you’ll memorize it. Should take less than a week to get it in memory and you won’t need the video anymore.

If at the end of normal stretching and normal ROM exercises you still feel the need to crack, go for it.

  1. Don’t let your morning ritual go to waste. Spend the rest of your day practicing good posture. Remember that posture is a practice and it will never be perfect 24/7. Guess what? Writing that sentence just reminded me to sit up!
  2. Before you begin your stretching and self cracking routine DRINK WATER! To determine the amount, take your body weight and divide by 2 (this is your total water intake for the day) then divide that number by 3 (that’s how much to drink in the morning (minimal).

example… if you weigh
100lbs divided by 2 = 50oz. of water per day.
Divided by 3 is about 16oz of water in the morning (min).
Drink that amount (16oz) one hour before lunch and dinner too.

  1. No violent pulling or pushing your head. If you want to crack on your own it should be gentle. The harder you have to push the more likely you are to hurt yourself. It is VERY possible to hurt yourself especially if you crack your neck.


I’m a self cracker too. I do it with yoga every morning and mostly my thoracic and lumbar spine. I can not crack my own neck… ironic huh?

But even the most talented self crackers can not manipulate every part of their own spine. Like I said in Hailley’s first video, usually there is one vertebra that is VERY stuck which is why the other parts of the spine are hyper mobile.

Go see a chiropractor. It will help. It doesn’t have to be every week for the rest of your life. A good evaluation and a good adjustment can make all the difference in the world.

Watching Your Back,

Dr. B


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  1. Hurdle_Boy7   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    What about cracking in the morning

  2. TheDrAlangadan   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    I struggle with self cracking in my neck, thoracic and lumbar regions. Is there anyone you can recommend for me to go see in Atlanta, Georgia? Thanks, it's a really annoying problem

  3. GamingUser   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    She legitimately sounds like Jennifer Lawrence holy shit

  4. Drew Anderson   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    You should offer her a job at your office. She will keep the office vibe happy and fun and it’ll make your day go by quick!

  5. ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    I can adjust my upper spine, shoulders and chest at the same time by placing my hands, thumbs toward my back on either side of my spine, and pushing in while I arch my back. This typically happens in the morning, and everything adjusts all at once. I can also adjust my wrists with a simple little flick of my hand in the mornings. I typically only do this once a day, but some days, I'll do it at night after a shower and before bed.

  6. Tuxyiskool   27 September، 2019 at 10:01


  7. DemonicBarbieGirl420   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    I work a chiropractic business and getting adjusted is the best feeling especially after a long hard day of work. I love a certain technique

  8. lil rice   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    who else listened about cracking one time and cracks right after

  9. Adrian Payne   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    I love how he walks away like he hit the game winning 3

  10. Daniel Gomez   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    i cant control my back cracking when im just breathing. That happens like 4x a day

  11. Erik Horn   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    I wish someone would look at me like that.. 8:48

  12. S M   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    Is it advisable for a 2 trimester pregnancy to undergo this ?

  13. J Dillinger   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    The actual advice starts at 13:28

  14. 1MantisPhoenix   27 September، 2019 at 10:01


  15. Viper5781 YT   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    Why does this guy look like goose Wayne

  16. Rahul Sreekumar   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    I used to crack my fingers,toes,neck,elbow,knee spine,wrist joint,ankles…
    Man was I a severe crack addict

  17. GDT   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    Best anime crossover

  18. dodie b   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    dr Rahim references i like it! wow.. she cute as well. :)))

  19. Jose Mendoza   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    That’s Johnny Sins. FACTS

  20. R A   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    whyd she say mom in " " seems kind of fucked up. why am i watching a 15 minute long video on a young girl getting chiropractic adjustments at 2 in the morning…..i guess im fucked up

  21. Angelo Dela Cruzz   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    What do you call a person who loves getting their back and other body parts cracked?

    A crackhead

  22. jay punzalan   27 September، 2019 at 10:01

    Cayote Peterson second job


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