acupressure points for cervical spondylosis || cervical slipped disc || spondylitis|| neck pain

very effective solution for cervical spondylosis or cervical slipped disc or neck pain just by pressing Acupressure Points fir neck pain relief .

in this video you will learn location of this Acupressure Point for cervical spine , how to press this point , apply seed or magnet on this Acupressure Point for cervical Spondylosis
this Acupressure Point will help in all problems of cervical spine , like cervical spondylosis , cervical slipped disc , cervical SPONDYLITIS , neck pain cervical Radiculopathy etc
there is no side effects of this Acupressure Point for neck pain relief , require no medicine and money for this Acupressure Therapy for Cervical SPONDYLOSIS


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  1. Promotion Display says

    mujhe laga ki mera nervous system kafi kamjor ho gaya hai,……….. as poore shareer me, dard bhi hota hai , aur kaam nahi ho paata ………………………acidity / gass bhi kafi hai ……………… aapne jo lever ki garmi kamm karne ke liye, pair me point bataya tha, usse kafi time se use kar raha hu, par kuch fraq mahssoos nahi hua hai ………………. kuch help kariye

  2. Seshu Kumari Maddukuri says

    This point for 1 leg r both legs

  3. Anju Singh says

    Sr kya dard wale point pr hi treatment dena chahiye..

  4. benelhadj djamila says

    Please acupuncture for eyes thank you

  5. Usha Badotra says

    yah kaha milega

  6. Jagadish Nayak. says

    bylo magnet ko or star magnet ka specelity or difference kya he

  7. Athar s says

    Congrates for 200k subcriber

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