A visit to the dentist with, Sara in downtown Medellin

Due to a motorcycle several years ago, Sara broke four of her upper teeth and her jaw in two places. She goes to Dr. Velez to have her broken teeth rebuilt with dental resins. Dr. Velez also places braces on Sara’s teeth to realign them properly.

The total bill is 580,000 Colombian Pesos ($176.19 USD) for 4 dental resins, braces, teeth cleaning and teeth whitening.

Dr. Natalia Velez may be reached at her Colombian phone number at +57 511 49 63 or by Whats App at +57 301 3078762 for dental consulations and appointments.


  1. Estefania Villa says

    Wooooooo me gusta

  2. Sosua Dominican Republic says

    Dam that was a really good deal

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