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Najaam Lee is a Spiritual Life Coach, Health & Wellness Consultant, Healer, Intuitive Reader and Artist at www.najaamlee.com

Najaam Lee inspires and motivates people through telling stories visually, webinars & seminars, and writings.
As young as 5 years old, Najaam began telling stories and expressing herself through art, writing and dance. Then jumped into acting, and modelling which landed here in movies like The Jackson Five Series and Poetic Justice. Her unique creativity has brought her on stages performing Spoken Word (Poetry) which highlighted her on MTV commercial.

In 2010, she founded GOSH!ABOUT, (www.goshabout.com), a top online publication covering various topics in Fashion-Art-Music-TV-Luxury Brands-Non Profits, Events and Lifestyle.

Najaam is a profuse public speaker, giving keynotes at events, medical schools and conferences like Harvard Medical and Emory University students which you can watch on her YouTube Channel.

The inspirational healing work she has done has qualified her as an Expert to be sought after. Helping others on their journey through Self-Discovery, Self- Awareness and Spiritual Living, is her core mission. See all links below to learn more.
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